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Clinical Trials?

Has anyone here participated in a clinical trial?

Here's one I recently found:

A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-Controlled Study to Investigate the Efficacy and Safety of GSK1605786A in the Treatment of Subjects with Moderately-to-Severely Active Crohn's Disease

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I was! Study related TSO! ! 1 month against a half of year!
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I have never been in one, but I keep an eye on them for one that I think would be a good thing to contribute to/partake in! Also, I work at a children's hospital that runs some on kids as well as doing other research, so I get to read about those (http://www.nationwidechildrens.org/n...se&SearchId=kw).
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I was just asked if I wanted to do this study today. I got home and started reading the paperwork. The only thing that I'm concerned about is that it is a double-blind, randomized placebo, dose ranging. Meaning that you nor the people giving you the study drug knows if you are getting the placebo (fake drug) or the study drug. It states that you have a 75% chance of receiving the study drug and 25% chance of the placebo (fake), each time you go in for the injection. Now I'm having a concern about this because my remi isn't working anymore and I have been in severe pain for the past 2 weeks. I do not like feeling this pain at all. Now if I do this study then there is a HUGE chance of feeling this pain because I could receive the fake drug and not have anything to help me through the pain. I love the idea that I can be helping someone in the near future (let's hope) with doing this study, but I have a job, and a family. So I can't be hurting like I have been. Does anyone know much about this study? and does anyone have any opinions about it?
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My doc told me about this one. I tried to get into it but did not qualify, due to the company having very strict criteria for qualification on account of the previous trial was botched, and so now they've got probably one shot left to prove efficacy. Last time I saw my doc he indicated it seemed like it wasn't proving to be all that hot of a drug. On the other hand, at least theoretically, it's supposed to have minimal side effects due to it targeting gut inflammation rather than systemic inflammation like the big guns (remi, pred, etc.).

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