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NameDr. George S Yanni
Address250 East Caroline St Suite J
 Loma Linda, California, 92408
 United States
Phone(909) 651-1903
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Dr Yanni is a very attentive doctor. Although he is a pediatrician, he knows that the patient comes first, not their parents. If the patient is old enough to understand, or mentally capable, he makes sure to explain EXACTLY what is happening and completely answer all questions to the patient, then make sure the parents are informed. He also does not keep things from you. While he does not try and scare his patients or the parents, he does not sugar coat things. He makes sure that you know what is happening, and what you need to do. He makes sure that you are okay, and connects with his patients and their families personally. While I was in an area where many of his patients were, he passed me to get to another one of his patients, made contact with me, said my name, and addressed a specific problem, after not seeing him for two months. I highly recommend Dr Yanni to anyone under the age of 18. Also, if you have been his patient for a few years when you hit 18, he gives you the option to stay with him until you are 21. Dr. Yanni runs a practice in Loma Linda, CA, works at Loma Linda University Medical Center, and runs practices in Los Angeles and at the Los Angeles Children's Center.

5 / 5 Bedside Manner
5 / 5 Knowledgeable
3 / 5 Open to alternative treatments
3 / 5 Ease of accessibility

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