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HI All,, Another newbi and finally getting around 2 filling oot My Story. Im Marco or Game4alaughman ive had crohn`s for 18 years now.First started having probs when i was 17 but wasnt diagnosed till i was 20, same old story,,,
ive had two small bowel resections and sum narrowing removed.Not really on any meds at present but hav a greeaaat doc who will give me most things i ask for.
I met my honi elaine on another crohn`s support forum and so glad she`s found this one, as i wish this was around years ago so too help everyone involved with these probelms
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Hurray! You've finally posted! hehe... see you around the site sweetie! xxxx
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Yeah Mark,
Nice to see you have posted. See you around the site and the next time you are in Bristol.
Oh, and I WILL beat you at snake lol

Jo x
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Hi Mark!! Long time no chat, hope you are well!! xxx
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Hi Mark,

Welcome to the site!!

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Hello Marco ... I am GRANDMA BEAR !! I'd like to extend a BIG WELCOME to you to the board. I am sure that you will find a lot of good things here & so I am also sure that you will have some fun too. So, feel free jump right around & have some fun !! There are a lot of WONDERFUL PEOPLE here so see you here ... there or sometime again soon !!
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Hi Mark welcome to the site glad you posted a little about yourself and wish you and Elaine all the best together.
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Hiya mate. Hope you doing well?
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Hi Mark! lots of familiar faces popping up.
see you around!
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awwww thanks for all the nice welcomes thanks everyone
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Hi Mark and welcome to the site

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