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Folate may affect zinc absorption

I came across this interesting study today that showcases that folate may decrease zinc absorption. So if you're taking both, taking them at different times of the day may be beneficial. Keepingfaith - I'm looking at you

This type of thing is why I dislike multivitamins. Our understanding of vitamins and minerals and how they interact with each other is still in its infancy and I worry that they might not be as beneficial as many think.

*edit* Woops -- it looks like they might inhibit each other. Interesting!
It's good to be back
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I try to avoid multivitamins, I want to go easy on liver / kidneys, and supplementing with individual vitamins I can choose, with amounts I can choose, seems much safer to me than people basically overdosing on those multivitamin tablets.
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Hahahahaha! Aww! I feel so loved!

Seriously though, thank you for posting this! I already sent in my meds for CCFA Camp so I can't change when I take them at the moment I will immediately start taking them at different times though when I return from camp! Thanks again!


I'm still searching for a Zinc pill with a lower dosage!
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