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Keeping myself fit before I get fat

Ive been on steroids for a few months now and still got a few to go. Ive put the weight i lost back on but now I'm going in the opposite direction and it's gone straight to my belly! Just wondering if stomach excerises can affect the crohns in a bad way at all. Just things like sit ups and such would be all.
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If it hurts, don't do it. Really just do whatever you feel comfortable doing. With Prednisone though it puts on a lot of water weight so you may not be dealing with actual "fat." Once you go off of then steroids the weight should fall off fairly quickly. For me I always went back to my normal weight once I was off the Pred. Hopefully you will too.

Just an fyi though, situps, lifting weights etc will help you gain muscle but the layer of fat and or water (my guess is mainly water) will still be there. Cardio is the best for reducing fat (I don't think it will do much for water retention though).
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Prednisone sucks and I will not go back on it ever! Besides the fact that it doesn't actually work form me, it made me gain 35lbs over 9 months. Unlike Crabby, it took me close to two years before I was final back to my pre-Prednisone weight. I am an avid power walker and did this activity the entire time I was on the Prednisone, but it didn't help. I don't want to scare you, I am just letting you know how it affected me. Hopefully you will have the same experience as Crabby and the weight will just melt off. As far as doing sit ups, I have to agree that sit ups and Crohns don't mix. Besides, you can't spot reduce so doing sit ups to lose weight on your tummy probably won't be as effective as walking or jogging three or four times per week. Get your heart rate up and you should see your weight go down or at the very least, you won't gain more. Good luck - I know how difficult it is!
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