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Late appearing side effects


Just wondering if anyone has had, or is having, a similar experience to myself?

I started taking Methotrexate three months ago with great trepidation. The first six weeks went ok but then started getting aching muscles after even the lightest of excercise (I would consider myself reasonably fit and physically strong). Also my knuckles, knees and ankles give me mild pain, mostly in the mornings and fingers most of the day. Combined with chest pain (mild) and shortness of breath (ie having to take deeper breaths). I have had chest xray but was clear, bloods clear and the nurse seemed a bit puzzled by my joint pain as Methotrexate is used to treat such things.

Am I just being paranoid, imagining these things? Do these symptoms come and go? Do I just accept it's the Crohns playing with me as I have been told it is coming back?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


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I have been having similar side effects. Until reading this I thought it was something else going on in my body...yet again. My doctors don't understand it either and they aren't sure what can be done. My chest x-ray was also clear but the pain is awful and the last few weeks I'm having a hard time swallowing my pills. They keep getting caught...never been a problem before.
I don't think you are paranoid and I'm looking at getting off the medicine so I'll let you know if things improve for me then...but I am not sure my doctor and I have found an alternative. Remicade gave me too many infections...
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hi all im the same but i have had increased alt and ggt liver but ihad odd patchs of spots and pain in my joints
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