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Crohn's after Colitis and colectomy

Hi. I had ulcerative colitis for 11 years, had a total colectomy with Internal pouch through Mayo Clinic in MN. After several years of doing ok I was diagnosed with Crohn's. That was 7 years ago. I'm in a severe, active phase with Crohn's right now also dealing with pouchitis eye problems and anemia. Sometimes it seems treatment is more complicated without a large intestine. I'm on several meds and Remicade. So far only 4 Remicade treatments. They help but seem to wear off before it's time for the next one. I split my time between Colorado and South TX and get most of my medical care in Colorado although I went to Mayo Clinic twice in April 2012. That was a big help. They are great and always have a good idea. I've learned a lot reading this Forum and decided to join. Crohn's is complex. Never a dull moment.
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Welcome! Have you considered diet to try and control you Crohn's? Many have succeeded in obtaining remission through diet like me Never know until you try.

I do the SCD diet. If you have any dairy intolerance I would try Paleo because SCD allows aged cheeses and 24 hour fermented yogurt. Check out the links in my signature if you are interested Good luck to you!
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Hi there and welcome! If your Remicade appears to be wearing off, you may want to ask your doctors what their feelings are about monitoring what's called the tough level. The trough level is lowest concentration of detectable medicine in your body. Research showcases that the clinical outcome of Remicade can be determined by trough level.

Source of study:

What kind of eye problems do you have? Are they treating you for the anemia in any way?
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