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Ascending colon gone.

hey guys its been a while since i've been on here but im doing great after having surgery for the first time ever, for anything on April 20th of this year..of the full removal of my ascending colon. Where they have reconnected that of course with my small intestine. and I edited an illustration of that in PS as follows also with me in my bathing suit and scar. The red there indicates where the inflammation was with my crohn's..where my small and large bowel meet it was so severely inflamed they couldn't finish a colonoscopy until about two times then that's when they saw all that and said "it's time for surgery!" I was so scared.. I was a mess crying in the hospital. I'm on anti-depressants now and feeling getting back into shape and doing well..Another question..what is the longest time have you all been in remission since post-op?

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Looking good in your bikini :-) Have you tried putting anything on your scar, for example bio oil? I have had quite a bit of success with improving the look of mine using it.
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Look at your tiny little body!! The scar will fade and from a distance won't be that noticeable. Bio Oil is a great suggestion and may help speed up the fading but just give it time.
The longest I was ever in remission after surgery was 8 years. But I know someone who has been in remission for 20 years!!
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