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Swelling, maybe due to missed Cimzia dose?

I developed my very first perianal abscess - yay me - after 30+ with Crohn's, and my GI told me to push back my Cimzia shots for a couple weeks until we got the abscess 'handled' in some way.

Well, I had it drained - yay me - and actually it's still draining, so my GI told me to give it another week before my Cimzia shot. He wants to make sure I am not at risk of anything really gross or slimy happening with me bum.

I think all of this waiting makes sense, but my ankles are swelling something fierce! Now, my ankles have always been an indicator that my Crohn's is going wonky in a big way. It started when I was six and took about two years to figure out back then, but since then I've kept a close eye on them.

The thing is that this swelling is of a whole other level. My ankles are so swollen that I can barely walk, and are swollen half way up my calves. I slept with my feet up last night - my legs almost vertically up the wall, and I managed to sleep that way - and while the swelling went down some, it was nothing compared to what I expected, and within an hour of being up they're back to where they were last night.

So, after that terribly long explanation (I write and can't seem to keep anything short or simple), I'm wondering if anyone has had any swelling when going off Cimzia, or delaying a dose for one reason or another.

I do want to say that I will be seeing my doc - general, not GI, as I talked to him about this briefly and he wants me to see her first - on Tuesday. So I'm not trying to treat this at home, just thought I'd ask people with a clue, meaning people who deal with this crap everyday, and my docs are good about listening to me and what other Crohnies say about stuff like this.

Thanks for reading my ramblings, and I'm sorry I ramble too much.
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Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Cimzia/Certolizumab » Swelling, maybe due to missed Cimzia dose?
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