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Barrier wipes/spray

What kind of barrier wipe/spray do you guys use? What do you like/dislike about them? I currently use the Reliamed barrier wipe...I'm thinking of using something thicker...maybe latex based...any thoughts?

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I don't use any wipes I'm afraid. But I do use cavillon spray. Works great.
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I use the wipes - but sometimes I forget.
I haven't noticed any discernable difference if I don't use the wipe - but I'm a bit scared to not use it - just in case there is a longer term negative effect.
I'm very unwilling to rock the boat.
I'm not dure what brand they are - they come in a little blue and white box.
I picked up a sample of another brand today at the stome shop - so going to give them a try too.
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After trialling a few different brands I have decided that I like the dansac wipes the best, to me they feel more moist than other wipes which is a quality that I really like. I also use brava barrier cream after using the wipe, the cream adds an extra layer of protection and also aids with adhesion and gives the bag a better stick. I only use a tiny amount of the cream and wipe off the excess as if there's too much cream I tend not to get a very good stick
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Currently I am using the ReliaMed Sting-free Protective Barrier Wipes. They truly do not sting and seem to be doing a pretty good job. They don't leave a sticky residue after they dry like others that I have used, and that could be a good or bad thing depending on what your preference is. If you need the extra stickiness to help secure your baseplate, this may not give you what you need.

Medline Sureprep Protective Wipe was what I used previous to the above and they did a better job of protecting my skin, but they did sting a bit and somedays it was really bad. They do leave a sticky residue after they dry. These wipes did a better job for me in protecting my skin, but I never knew if it was going to sting bad or not.

I do like using the barrier wipes. I think they really help to prevent my skin from reacting to the adhesive. I am allergic to several adhesives in Band-Aids and surgical tape, but with the barrier wipes and the Coloplast bags, I am doing okay.
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Can I ask what these sprays/wipes are for? Boyfriend recently had a surgery resulting in a stoma so we're trying to learn everything we can. Thank you!
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I tried a Convatec sample on Sunday. It was quite different to the usual barrier wipe I use.
It had a strong medical smell - a bit like an alcohol swab.
It stung a bit where my skin is a little sensitive - which I was surprised by.
It was also very sticky. Seems to work ok.

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