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Lucky Me----Combo Treatment Humira and 6mp

Lucky me!!! Scared to try either of these, I'll be joining both clubs.

I saw a doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and he wants me to go on Humira and 6mp. He said that studies show the best results for inducing and maintaining remission with combination therapy. I stopped my most recent course of pred on July 7, had mouth sores, including my corner buddies (sores on the corners of my mouth) the first week off, and everything else came back in waves. Joint pain, nausea, crohns pain, eye issues, etc. And of course, the ever-persevering corner mouth sores.

I told him I had blood last week but assumed maybe it was just a mild fissure or something as there wasn't much, and some of it even appeared when I was only peeing (positive it was dripping from the rear end, that is where it appeared when wiping). So he checked my anal region and said I actually have a really healthy anal region, no sign of fissures or anything else that would be causing bleeding, so if there is bleeding it is internal. Then I had it again this morning. WTF. I'd like to insert a frustrated confused smiley face....can't find the right one to encompass the emotion of WTF.

I have to make the 4+ hour drive back tomorrow for some imaging tests. The tests they ran yesterday were mostly to make sure I could start either of the drugs. But they also want to make sure they aren't missing anything. They requested my records from my 5/31/12 colonoscopy and EGD from which my old GI was non-plussed (only mild inflammation, hiatal hernia and slight esophageal structuring). He said unless there was something questionable there, he did not feel the need to repeat the scoping and just do the imaging.

I feel like someone is finally helping me. But I am at work and I just want to cry. No one understands how horrible I feel. Just fatigued up the wazoo, nauseous to bits and all around miserable. Oh, and have pooped blood twice in the last hour.

I did call the Mayo doctor's nurse and let her know that he examined the anus area yesterday and said he couldn't see anything to account for bleeding and if I was having it it would have to be internal....and that lo-and-behold I am having it yet today. This way, if he is going to want to run any additional testing or scoping, they can hopefully arrange it for same day (tomorrow) since I can't afford to miss any more work without them putting me on disability (I can't even afford the reduced pay of disability) not to mention the 9 hours of driving I'll be doing to get there and back.

Words of encouragement, please? I'm scared to death of Humira and 6mp, but will do it because I just can't live like this anymore. But if you have any words of advice, wisdom, or things you experienced with either or both drugs, I could really use it. Thanks for anything and even just for reading.

I just can't help but feel isolated right now. The only thing that helps is this forum and knowing you guys are out there with your own versions of this boo-cocky.
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Well, I'm on both Humira and Imuran (which is 6mp). Been on 6mp since May, and started Humira in late June, after being turned down for Remicade. I know that the side effects are scary when you see them on paper (or computer screens), but remember that EVERYONE reacts differently to medication. I had some joint pain with 6mp and a migraine a few days after starting Humira, that has so far been the worst of it for me. Just remember to get your blood work done regularly. If you start to feel weird, take your temperature, and call your doctor. Also, Humira has a nursing staff on-call 24/7 that you can call with any serious questions or concerns about the medication. (1-800-448-6472) When I started Humira, they even sent a nurse to my house to show me how to properly inject it, and told me a tip about waiting until the medication is room-temperature before injecting it (it hurts less, but trust me, they still hurt-if only for 10 seconds). Know that it can take 6mp up to 4 months to properly build up in your system, so if you don't see immediate results with it alone, that's why.
Keep us updated about the blood in your stool, it could be that you have something as easy as an internal hemorrhoid, but get it checked out nonetheless, because it could be serious.
The medical assistant in me is wanting to tell you that the risks of the medications outweigh the cons of Crohn's, but I can't because I don't know how you will react, and I know that the side effects look and sound scary. What I did to ease my mind before I started taking them was going to and looking up the reviews of each drug, so maybe that will help you. Did your doctor also put you on Prednisone? I started out on it with the 6mp so I had a "helper" as it built up in my system. Unfortunately, it hasn't built completely up in my system yet, so I'm on my second 8-week prescription of steroids (I had a whole 5 days break in between).

Good luck, and remember, stressing out more than need be is not good for your digestive tract. So take some deep breaths and think of all the positives that will come from this new regiment.
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Was diagnosed with Crohns as a teenager and I am now 58. I have had three surgeries and numerous procedures. When first diagnosed, prednisone was the "go to" treatment along with sulfur drugs. Much later. 6MP (previous cancer drug) became widely used for crohns and now I take Humira and 6MP with plan to taper off 6MP. Only started using Humira 7 months ago, but cannot tell which of the two works best OR the current combo treatment - time will tell. No adverse side effects, but have experienced much fatigue which docs say is coming from low RBC count (anemia from lack of removed bowel to absorb iron) - taking iron supplement to treat that problem.

Both my son and daughter have apparently inherited crohns from me and daughter is being treated with "bottom up" therapy (prednisone, 6MP) and son who has a more serious case is being treated with "top down" therapy (Humira, 6MP taper down). Starting Humira early, when warranted, can sometimes alter the beast and lead to a more normal life, hopefully avoiding surgery (so I am told). They both seem to be in remission and my daughter is expecting to deliver her first child in November .

Hope this helps. My insight - Doctors, medications and machines are only tools, BUT you are personally responsible for your health and well being and this CANNOT be delegated away to the medical industry.
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I am on both. After two and a half months on the Humira I think things are slowing down for me with the Crohns. I wish you the best. Please keep us updated.
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I stopped taking Azathioprine as soon as I started Humira, even though the doc told me to keep taking it. I have felt better ever since starting Humira 2 years ago. No flares. The only other drug that gave me any relief was prednisone and I never want to touch it again. The side effects are terrible.
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I heard you can't have sex while on 6 mp? Why is that?

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