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Seton/ Loratab Question

I had two seton's 'installed' 12 days ago. I was on painkillers (loratab) for the first 9 days and I've been off them for about 24 hrs. I'm having night sweats, loose stool (which is oh so much fun) and I feel like I can't eat. I just don't feel 'right.'

Could this be detox from the loratab?

Just want to feel better.

I'm also on Cimeza for just a month. Switched from Humera which I was on for 3 years.
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Are you having fevers as well? Any pain?

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Hi wannabehealthy, Welcome to you Loose poo could be cause by not taking the loratab, but this is not the same as detoxing. I just came off of those pills after a year and suffered VERY LITTLE! I really don't think you would suffer detox after only nine days. Is this your first time on a hydrocodone based pain med? I know nothing about Cimza. Perhaps this is the problem. I hope you feel better soon!
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I just stopped taking Lortab after being on it for six days and I have the same symptoms as you. Night sweats and D are very common with Lortab. It should go away in a couple of days.

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