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Abscess issues

I am now back on remicade after being off for a few months due to infections, the problem is i have been having flare like pain, watery diarrhea, and im getting abcesses on my stomach. When i go to the hospital my ct scans are normal and my blood doesn't show any infection, but something has to be up cause of my symptoms, but the er docs look at me like im an attention seeker, (getting sick of the looks) im waiting on my gi doc to call me back to find out if he wants me to get a colonoscopy to see whats going on. Does anyone have any advice for me, or has anyone gone through this themselves. Could really use some help with this one!
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Hi Carey,

I've moved your thread to our abscess forum. Hopefully you'll get some insight here
It's good to be back
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Dont let them make you feel like you are crazy, doctors especially er docs see some really messed up people on drugs so they are somewhat jaded. You are doing the right thing with requesting the scope, i recommend getting bloodwork sed rate/crp vitamin and iron all of this with the scopes will help with determining your flare status.
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Hi Carey
Sorry to hear your poorly and I know it's awful to be in limbo like that. What did the ER docs say about the abscesses? Did they give you anything to treat them with? Perhaps you should call your GIs office and say you're concerned about your symptoms and maybe get at least a timeframe for when to see him/her again?
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