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Liver enzyme concerns some positive labs this week for Matt ....but of course they come with the usual Put on your thinking caps everyone as I'm seeking some knowledge again!
So the labs.....we have had an issue with high liver enzymes and that has not the good news....
Prometheus tests suggest only UC and not Crohns......sigh of relief...
Sed rate back to very 6
WBC count down to 2.9 which concerns me a bit..I know 6mp is supposed to reduce WBC and that's kind of the point..but 2.9. Seems very low.....
So Prometheus reveals a good therapeutic result..230 6TG which is perfect...BUT.....high 6MMP(the toxicity count). So as we discuss this the Doc tells me that he suspects this high 6mmp level is the reason for the liver enzyme issue and he refers to it as "mild hepatitis"....didn't want to hear that.....even though I know it means the same thing as high liver enzymes.....
So then he tells me that it's remotely possible it is liver disease(though not likely) since Bilirubin is normal.......LIVER DISEASE??? When did that possibility enter the equation?? So he says that sometimes liver disease accompanies UC. .???? Why is that? If UC involves the immune system attacking the large intestine...why would liver disease ever become A factor? My concern here is a chicken and the egg argument.....does liver disease sometimes accompany UC for some medical reason? Or does liver disease present sometimes in UC patients due to current medical and the like.......could We be creating a liver issue by taking 6 mp?
By the way ..based on the tests we have reduced the 6mp in an effort to improve the 6mmp levels and hopefully settle the
Liver enzymes ......thoughts everyone?
I'm specifically hoping someone has knowledge of the connection between liver disease and UC.....
Father of 3....Matt, Cam, and Kyra

Matt age 13
Dx dec 2011. UC
Pentasa, fish oil, b12
6mp from dec 11 to oct 12(stopped after liver enzyme issue)

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