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CNN - Living with Crohn's Disease

This link will take you to the article which made me cry. It is an inspirational read, and an emotional one, being so close to so many of our hearts. Comment to tell me what you think about this amazing article.
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That really makes me cry too! That writing is so our life. That really is what is living with Crohn's.
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Colon removal and ileostomy 2015 -> So far so good

And after every stoma surgery, nasty Pyoderma Gangrenosum around my stoma.
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Oh my goodness. I am in tears. There is a part of me in alot of those stories. Very powerful . We are not alone.
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Thank you for posting that link.
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Wow, very powerful, thanks for posting.
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Excellent! Thanks for posting this.
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This article literally brought me to tears. The part about about children being one step closer to a diagnosis the day their parents are diagnosed just crushed me.

"Please, God, I pray... put all your wrath on me and spare my only child from this dreaded condition."
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It's such a powerful and emotional read. It's so inspirational too! We should share our stories to bring attention to this disease, which so little people have even heard of let alone know anything about it. When we bring attention, then awareness sets in and people get involved in whole communities to find a cure and give peace and hope to the people suffering. This was very inspirational, an emotional read, no doubt, since it's so close to our hearts.
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It didn't make me cry but it was a pretty good article. Nice to finally read something that doesn't downplay the pain of Crohn's and end with "but remmission is possible!" We all know just by reading these posts on the forum that remission is a hard find.

Thanks for sharing!
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That was a great article. I forget that others go through the same things or even worse than me. I have been through so much pain through this disease as well as feeling the comfort of being home where it feels "safe". Going out anywhere I started to realized I would only go out if I felt I could make it there and back without having to go to the bathroom. Even then sometimes it just hits you. Anyway, great article, definitely can relate.
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Thank you for posting that article. As newly diagnosed, this was very informative and it was "good" (if you will) to have something to read to my husband that is relatively current and in mainstream media.

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