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Severe Arthritis

Oh MY Goodness - I've found my home!!!! YESSSSSS.

I originally had a lot of back pain, then came the signs of IBD, then diagnosis with severe active Crohn's. From there, i was complaining to my Gastroenterologist about pains. He suggested going to a Rheumy ASAP. I have since been diagnosed with severe poly migratory arthritis. That was a year ago - what a LONNNNG journey. I am in remission for Crohn's, but the arthritis is never ending. I have tried lots of drugs in that year - from 50mg of Pred, which I have reduced and increased but generally on between 10mg and 25mgs for the year. I have tried Pentasa, Salazopyrine(?), MTX, Humira. My current meds are Pred, Arava, Cymbalta and Enbrel and I am still not having any relief. I experience continual fatigue and join pain. I have felt so alone. And it appears not many people understand. I say I have arthritis, and they either have arthritis in their little toe or just fob it off with little care. I'm learning to keep my mouth closed. My life has completely turned on its head. I'm unable to do much exercise, but attempt to walk daily. I can hardly work because of the fatigue and struggle daily to be alb to look after myself and my son - I'm a single mum. It is such a relief to find this forum....finally....I'm hoping to meet others who experience severe arthritis that affects every part of their day. I take Tramadol for pain but try to keep away from it as best as possible because my liver is not coping with all the drugs. Thank you for listening and I can't wait to hear from you.

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Welcome Kerry. You took a huge step by coming here and looking for advice/support. Depression is a concern so do not feel isolated. As for your pain, I as well as more of us than you think, suffer from different extra intestinal manifestations such as Ankylosing Spondylitis , which is what I have. I understand your frustration as well as physical ailments. I am familiar with the tramadol regime. It does help knock down the pain, but at times, has no effect. I have found that for me, swimming and moderate exercise, 3-5 times a week are essential for me as well as Yoga. I cannot believe how Yoga has made me feel. Also, has your rheumatologist offered any other ideas/ meds? Research your condition as well as its interactions with Crohns. There is lots of information out there and in here. Keep your head up and ask for help. We will do everything possible to assist you.
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I just started seeing a Rheumy for my arthritis (it seems to be affecting every joint, started with back pain first like you and all x-rays showed Osteoarthritis) and he put me on Humira to help with the Crohn's and arthritis. He mentioned that Remicade would also help with both. I know you've already taken Humira but some people have switched to Remicade with success. A few months ago I was taking Entocort to help with the Crohn's but it did nothing for the Crohn's at all but I did notice a lot less joint pain. I wonder if you could try that out instead of the Prednisone as well. I take Tylenol 3 for pain as needed.
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