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NG tube questions

Hello All!!
I will be joinging this group come next week when my NG tube is placed and I go Enteral for a month.
It is important to me to continue with exercising and I was curious what do about the tubing. How do I keep it out of my way and 'hide' it as much as possible?
I will be using a Dobhoff tube with gravity feed, using Vital A.F 1.2
Thanks for your help!
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There are two ways of doing NG tubes. I personally did 12 months and took it out when it wasn't in use and put it back in whenever I needed to feed (which was nightly at some points, 3 times a day at others). I'm not sure how your treatment will work, but if it's possible, I would definitely suggest taking it out when it's not in use. It takes some getting used to, and it's an awful feeling getting it down there, but it gives you a break from the tube and it feels like such a relief when you take it out.

That being said, the big benefit to having it in constantly is you get used to it. If you don't have it in all the time, you won't have as much time to get used to it, and might sometimes find it irritating, especially after long breaks (I took breaks on weekends whenever I went out partying and such)

Otherwise, the best way to keep it out of the way is by using medical tape and taping it to your cheek or neck.

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