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No diagnosis

Hi Everyone

I am like hundreds of you out there, undiagnosed and crying for help! I have been suffering right sided abdominal pain for the last 11 years now and all I can say is that every year the pain gets worse.

In 2002 I had my gallbladder removed by keyhole surgery as the doctors thought this was the cause of my pain. The pain got increasingly worse with stomach cramps that are worse than labour pains, alternating diarrohea and constipation, mucus in stools.

I have had so many tests done, CT Scans, Barium Enema, capsule endoscopy, Barium Meal Follow Through , Breath Test, Colonoscopy x 2, and MRI Scan.
Feacal Test.

The Colonoscopy showed that part of my bowel that should be positioned on the right side has been pulled over to the left, making it impossible for the scope to get anywhere near my small bowel, the consultant has said it is too risky for them to carry out another colonoscopy.

The Barium follow through showed up ulceration and slight narrowing of the terminal ileum, but they said that this test is not always conclusive, I then suggested that if they carry out another one and get the same results then surely the results must be conclusive.

The Breath test suggested that I have bacterial overgrowth.

I have been begging for a laparoscopy to be done, but the surgeon just keeps fobbing me off with this could cause scar tissue and make your pain worse, I understand you can get scar tissue but I need a diagnosis and the only way they are going to see anything is by going in there.

I have lost a stone in 1 month! Has anybody else had this kind of delay in diagnosis?
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I have not had that diagnosis but I am wishing you all the luck in the world.

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Have they booked another Barium test for you, and are they giving you treatment for the basterial overgrowth?
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Waiting on blood & stool results from January.

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Hi Stargirrrl

No they don't seem to want to give me another Barium, I take Ciprofloxacin for the Bacterial overgrowth, doesn't relieve any of the pain though.

I am just so depressed at the moment, this is years I have been suffering, like many of us on here, but it shouldn't be that we have to suffer pain, I cannot do anything that I used to be able to, like play golf, swimming, I used to be very active, now I just about have the energy to get up and shower.

I just don't know who else to turn to. Thanks for replying. Hope you are not suffering at the moment.
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You're welcome, I am always suffering at the moment,like you

Have you thought about asking to be referred to another Hospital?

St Marks in London is supposed to be a great Gastro place, would that be possible for you to get to from where you are? Your GP or current Gastro Dr can refer you.
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Hi. 11 years is LONG!! Have you had an MRE? (abdominal MRI after drinking LOTS of contrast fluid) Maybe this will help confirm the findings on the SBFT?
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