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Starting Humira on Tuesday - what can I expect?

Well, looks like I start Humira treatments this Tuesday... guess I start with 4 shots (with a pen) and go from there...

For those who have been on Humira, what was it like in the beginning? Did you get sick or feel like you are going crazy (like Prednisone crazy)?

Any thoughts are appreciated... hopefully I won't have a bad reaction.
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I didn't have any reactions with the Humira except for a small red circle at the injection site. I started feeling better really quickly. The scariest part is just actually doing the injection pushing the button, but it isn't so bad real quick and easy. Good Luck
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kimberlie said:
Manatee, Mike started today. He has not been feeling well, so Ill keep you updated how the next few days goes. P.S.I love manatees, they are soooo cute. My grandparents live in Manatee county.
Thanks for the update Hope he feels better soon!

I wonder what happens if a person's insurance ran out and couldn't afford Humira? Can you go "cold turkey" on it? Hmm...

Here's a manatee for ya!
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I had no side effects from the Humira either.
I started feeling better on day 6 too. It was great for 4 months, then it quit working so well. I am soon to start Cimzia.
Press on the injection site afterwards for a few minutes to minimize bruising.
The shots only sting for 10 seconds, then the pain is gone. It's SO worth feeking better! I held my breath, but my husband did the shots.
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No side effects from the Humira for me either, it just doesn't work very well for me, so will be going off (yeah, just stopping it is fine, per my GI's office).

Mike - the copay-plus program definitely is not BS. I've been getting my Humira free for the last 4 months! It's a great program. However, after a year, I don't know - they said the coverage MIGHT start over, but I would have to check back. I sure hope the med works for you - good luck!!

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Pen said:
Hi Manatee, I didnt suffer any symptoms or rashes...nothing but I used the syringes, and no side effects what so ever. Yes you can go cold turkey. I was on it biweekly 4 months, weekly 1 month and wasnt working got worse acutally and I just stopped taking it whilst being on weekly. NO sides no nothing. Just back on the old cipro and flaygll, yeah I know but it works for me. Good luck you will be perfectly fine, unless you turn into a pumpkin past midnight LOL....
i wonder if you could go back on humira in the future? I've tried flaygll but don't notice much from it. How is cipro?
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mike said:
The nurse gave me this card from humira, called co-pay plus. The brochure says that humira will pay 100% of your co-pay, up to $1000 a month for the first month, 100% up to $325 for months 2-6 and up to $325 a month after you pay $50 for months 7-12. I wish I had it before I filled the prescription. Worth looking into, I haven't tried it yet so I don't know if it's bs or not.
I started the shots yesterday. I had to drive back home to get them, then drive almost all the way back to my job to the dr's office (about 80 miles) so they could watch me for side effects. This really pissed me off. If the damn nurse would have returned our calls I could have brought it with me. I just finished a ten day course of injectable blood thinners, 1 shot in the belly every 12 hours, so the pens would have been no problem. When I couldn't breathe after the tysabri infusion they ignored my complaints saying it was coincidence, so why the show of concern now? Plus I had to give up 5-6 hours of overtime pay for this. They did give me sleeping pills, Ambien CR, I haven't slept more than 3 hours at a time in over a week. It takes a lot to piss me off but this seemed to do the trick.
Sorry you had a bad day... if you get a chance, I'd love to hear how it the Humira is doing for you
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Just started Humira today. 4 shots and was a little scary pushing the button, but not too bad one I got the hang of it. Looks like I may have lucked out as they gave me a card which is supposed to have $1000 worth of credit good towards Humira or something like that
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mike said:
I think humira is working, I'm feeling much better than I have been.
I'm thinking the same thing... it hasn't even been 2 days yet, but it seems like I'm not making as many trips to the bathroom

Think I've heard it usually takes a few days to kick in?
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Pen said:
Hey Mike and Manatee, I really hope Humira works for you guys, it is the best way to go if it works.

Manatee, Cipro is the only thing (and flagyl) that seems to always keep my crohns at bay when other medications fail. My GI always gives me repeats of everything, he knows I know my body and what works. I dont see him til Dec but I have a CT scan I think on the 7th of Oct. I wished Humira worked for me tho...
Hello there.... sorry you didn't have luck with Humira. Have you tried Cimzia?
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Humira and Remicade can be stopped cold turkey. They're not steroids and as far as crohn's meds only steroids can't be stopped. Humira doesn't really have any problems that I know of other than needing a CBC to make sure your white cells and platelets don't drop too much.
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Well, it's been a little over 2 days and have to backtrack and say I'm not really sure if the Humira is working yet. Seems like I've heard it may take 6 days to notice improvements. Anyone know the average time it takes to notice a difference?
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Mine started working on day 6, but I think that is not typical. I have heard it might take up to 3 months, like some of the other medications. Even a small improvement is a good sign, the next injection will probably improve some more too.

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