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Yeah, but I've been on it for 5 weeks so far, and it's taken much longer to kick in than usual. Yeah, I went from 10 poops down to 6 or 7 in about 5 days, but I just started noticing no yellow anything in the poop. I just tapered to 25 mg today. I'll be staying at 20 until I get the big drug resolved, Humira, Cimzia, Remi, whatever.
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Hopefully I'll get away with the 10mg. I have a feeling the 10mg will be just enough to keep me functioning and then when I taper to 5mg again after 2 weeks I'll have to go back in and ask to go back up to 10mg. Really I'd prefer to have just gotten a steady order for 10mg until I got in with a GI. It shouldn't be very long. A month or less most likely.
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katiesue1506 said:
60mg gave me hallucinations... not even joking.
dead serious, i had 80mg a day at one point with an abcess im my small intestine. i was a major a-hole. insanity pressure in my head. felt uber tweaky, im down to 10 with another obstruction and my gi is gonna have me start remicade. im pretty sure he wants to butcher my kishkehs. ahhhh avoidance.
got this obstruction from fruit salad. im in the middle of a weird diet involving no processed foods and no wheat/ caffeine, pretty much giving it all up. guess fruit is out of the picture for now.

i did try a proactive ripoff and that helps the acne if u use it. mines gone.

its awesome having a new pc so i can learn how to change my life. ive drastically changed my life trying to get crohns under control.
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My husband was on it ... I HATED IT !!!

It turned him into a BEAR !!!!!!
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yeah 80 mg. it made me a complete irrational putz with my now ex girlfriend.
i bumped up my 10 mg to 20 today after a delightful night of agony. maybe slept an hour. my dr wont give me pain meds and those help me sleep when im like this. i feel 50 percent today. the blockage passed thru i think, still no #2 yet.
everytime i get down to 5 or 10 mg i flare and get an obstruction. wat luck!!
i definitely think what type of food i put in my body matters as to whether or not i obstruct... its all about elimination.
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pen, 2 resections u mentioned? how did u realize surgery was your last option, and what bennefits have you gained from it? downsides?

this site makes me cry,
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I was on prednisone for about a year. I was basically taking 25 mg a day. Like most of you have said, it is very helpful with the Chron's but has some bad side effects. It made me fat and gave me acne. Also, I found that it was very important to keep myself well hydrated or else I would get muscle cramps. I actually remember sneezing one time and getting a cramp in my jaw. Based on my own experience, taking the drug in the short term seems fine. I didn't get acne or those muscle cramps at first and didn't put on weight too fast in the beginning.
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im finally almost off pred but i went from 130 pounds to 165 in like 2 months. it was so weird.
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OOook, after doing more reading I'm putting this on my "No touchie" list. damn.

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prednisone evil?????

ohh come on, I only have to take insulin because of the crap...... its not evil, its the freaking devil!

prednisone made me a diabetic.....!!!!

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