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Latest Blood results - how abnormal are they?

I last saw my GI ten days ago having had trouble with fatigue on 75mg 6MP so I returned to 50mg. My HB 10 days ago was 11 down from 11.7.

The past two weeks I have been getting a lot of sores in my mouth so rang for my latest blood results, which are as follows:

HB = 10.3
Ferritin = 7
Folic Acid = 5.2
B12 = 169

I have an appointment to see my GP on Friday but he doesn't seem to know much at all about 6MP.

Are these results abnormal enough to warrant some sort of supplementation as I have read that mouth and tongue sores can be a symptom of Iron Deficiency Anaemia.

I haven't got an appointment with my GI until late September so I'd rather get this under control now if it is possibly an issue.
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I am not a doctor but it sounds like you are having a flare or starting one - mouth sores are a frequent symptom of active crohn's.

Without the reference ranges I am reluctant to comment on the lab values but they do seem pretty low, especially the Ferritin and B12.

You don't say how long it has been since your Hgb dropped from 11.7 to 10.3 but if it's been fast then I think your GP and your GI need to be talking about it right away and figuring out what is going on.

Are you RBC and WBC in the normal ranges? Platelets?
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Hi Bld, fatigue can be quite common. It can be driven by active disease (check your CRP as a guide, calprotectin even better), you also have a low ferritin, so you're iron deficient, which can cause fatigue even if you're not anaemic, however, you are anaemic which will also drive your tiredness. The other factor for you would be the 6MP, both AZA and 6MP can also cause tiredness by themselves.

I would suggest getting your iron replaced (IV better than oral) and also get B12 replacement and see how you feel as your Hb improves. Ensure you Crohn's isn't getting worse, which would need addressing.

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