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Beta Oxidation Inhibitors UC-Diet Dots are connecting

This is a really really long long long shot at a possible cause for UC. Ammonia gets real interesting and directly relates
to diet.
As you may know hydrogen sulfide inhibits beta oxidation,well there are others.
If you get tired or reading just read the last part of the conclusion.

What might be possible is inhibitors in the diet,such as bromate in flour banned in 1990 in many countries but not the USA.
Looks like first patented in 1914,who knows what compounds might be formed during baking.
My current rye bread list bromate,baked in the store,other commercial bread list iodate,which might act the same.

Perhaps used as a yeast food 1916.
Since it was banned in the EU 1990 and Canada 1994 you would suspect IBD rates to go down,so this could
just be a waste of time,on the other hand what other inhibitors of CoA and or Beta oxidation might be in the food supply. Difficult to research,but will keep at it for awhile.
But then again the incidence of IBD started to increase in the USA sometime in the 1920's.
Many people do well when they stop eating bread/grains,is it the wheat or all the chemicals.
Better living through chemistry,not.

Not good, ammonia in the colon inhibits beta oxidation.
This again is pointing to our friend excess protein in the diet,still need
to look and look and look at this.

It also appears that the type of fiber will determine how much ammonia is generated on protein diets. This gets more and more complex.

It might also imply why strict Paleo works,if you are on a very low fiber diet the ammonia is less,but pectin
makes it much higher, cellulose lowers it. Might also explain why vegetarians get UC,too much pectin even on no meat diet. But this is in rats.

Low pectin fruits.

Revised pectin amounts.

Some dots are starting to connect.

Seems that ripe and over ripe fruits have less pectin.
Dont know if there is a follow up or not,but they should have done a high pectin high cellulose diet. This would
show if high cellulose lowered the ammonia in the presence of pectin. Also rats are different than humans so need to look for some kind of human studies.
Here is one they cross over from aussie to china type diet in humans
got more fecal ammonia on china diet.

Colon Cancer in black africans,less than whites, low meat.

Almost everything you might want to know about scfa but still not the
what I am looking for.

Interesting regular veggies dont work but soy does.

Prebiotics dont work,dog guts are a better test than rats.

Another big study,says ammonia not much different,looks like some difference.

Rye wheat study.

Meat fermentation colon.

Veggies like broccoli dont work.
Green banana,soy,rye,wheat bran,might help,not sure on greens yet in humans,might never find out.
From one study the only way to do it is lower meat consumption,veggies dont do much.
Whole point is to try and lower ammonia so it wont interfere with butyrate oxidation. It is possible that lower stool ph is good where ammonia is inactive.
Wheat bran and Rs.
Rye still looks good,but not for ammonia.
Lots on butyrate.
They have not looked at ammonia yet in humans according to the above,are you kidding me.
I found another inhibitor which is all over the place,sulfite ions.

Mercaptoacetate is a potent beta oxidation inhibitor,
can be made in the colon from sulfated polysacchrides,

What set me on this is colitis usually starts distally, SCFA such as butyrate
cocentration deplete distally,while protein fermentation and ammonia increase distally. Seems the Western diet,with just too many chemicals in the food,is a major problem,along with excess protein.
Carnitine might be one way out of the problem.
Enjoy Old Mike

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