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Yellow mucus

I have been dealing with a horseshoe fistula for 3 years now and have setons placed and am on remicade and azathyoprine (along with some other meds). I have been on and off of antibiotics (mainly Cipro and Flagyl), mostly on, for most of this time. I stopped the antibiotics about 3 weeks ago and have recently started noticing yellow mucus showing up. Sorry to be gross but it's not draining much from my setons but instead seems to be coming from my rectum when I have a BM. I also have a sensation like I have gas and then out comes just mucus (this happened a few times today). I tried eliminating dairy for 2 days and it seemed to stop, then I had a few bites of pizza yesterday and today it seems worse then ever. I will likely try a bread and banana diet only tomorrow.
Has anyone else experienced this? Not sure if this is related to food or just something else. I am seeing my GI on Monday and my guess is that he'll want to do a colonoscopy but just wondering if anyone else out there has had this issue. Thanks!
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Hi dgg! I've never had a fistula before but I have had the issue of feeling gas but out comes a little mucus instead. Right now I'm switching from 6MP to Humira so I'm sure the lack of medication in my system is playing the main role. Mucus is usually caused by inflammation and can be clear, yellow or white but it can also be cause by bacteria overgrowth (which I kind of doubt in your case since you've had a lot of antibiotics) or it could easily be coming from the fistula itself and not draining the way they would like.

How are you doing now? Feeling any better? Let us know what the GI has to say.

Edit: Do you take any probiotics to help replenish the good bacteria that the antibiotics killed off?
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Thanks for your response. My doctor suggested I go back on antibiotics on Flagyl. Hopefully that will help. He also thought that something was aggravating my system. I noticed more mucus also after eating products with lactose so I think I'm going to try to cut back on that as well. I do take probiotics already, the VSL3 so I will continue with that. Thanks again for the advice.

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