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Anyone else suffer from these?
I have a form called skid sarcoidosis it is hard very painful bumps on the front of the legs( I did have one on my arm as well) but mostly on my legs, they are warm to the touch, raised hard and very very painful, they do go away after about 2 weeks but they leave behind a brownish mark on your skin that take a few more weeks to go away, but I do have some that never healed, after doing a lot of research I gave my findings to my GI that then told me it was very common in crohn's...........please say I'm not alone cause i have not found anyone else's thus far! god this disease just boggles the mind.

Medication regimen:
Vitamin d3, 5000 iu, entocort 15mg,codeine 60mg, cipro 1000mg per day, iron infusions, b12 injections, humira.
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Sorry to hear that you are suffering you would have thought crohns was enough. I dOnt have sarcoidosis but my aunts does there are many different immune disorders in my family and all different.
She was put on methotrexate for hers and it really helped she had it on her face and under her hair. Hers is a lot better now and fingers crossed it stays that way. Have you been given any treatment for it?
Hope you feel better soon x
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No they treat it with prednisone, but it will go away on its own it just takes time.
Thanks for getting back to me.
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Very interesting case report from JRSM "Co-existence of Crohn's disease, sarcoidosis and malignant lymphomas".

"The incidence of both sarcoidosis and Crohn's disease co-existing in a patient has been suggested as early as 1947 with very few definite cases reported in the literature."
" These granulomatous disorders are often reported as ‘mimicking’ one another, with up to 10% of patients affected by sarcoidosis to have alimentary tract involvement3 and approximately 40–50% of patients with inflammatory bowel disease4,5 to demonstrate respiratory symptoms."


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