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Terrified to weigh myself.

So tomorrow I have an appointment with my GI doctor, and I'm extremely nervous to find out how much I actually weigh. My stomachs been bothering me a lot lately and I can tell I've lost tons of weight, probably more than ever before. I'm already extremely thin as it is so I really can't afford this weight loss.
I'm really worried about what my family and doctor are going to say when they see how much I weigh. I know that no ones going to blame me for losing weight, but I still can't help feeling that if I tried a little harder and stuffed myself better I wouldn't be where I am. Schools also starting soon, and I'm a bit scared that people are going to notice and comment on the weight loss.

Anyway, I guess I'm just looking for a bit of moral support on this whole weight issue. It really sucks when you can't gain weight, and to add to the issue the medicine that was supposed to work isn't working. My goal for the summer was to gain as much weight as possible, and now I feel like I'm even worse off than I started. :/
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AW I am sorry you haven't been well and have lost weight. My little girl is in the same predicament with weight. Please don't worried about what your family and doc are going to say. Whatever they say I am sure it is out of concern for your well being and not any criticism of how you are handling things. My girl tried to stuff herself all summer and is now considering quitting one of her sports over weight gain. Today she came down with a stomach bug. She has her appointment on Tuesday and she cried thinking that this stomach bug was going to make her lose everything she has gained over the summer (3 whole pounds).

You have so much to worry about dealing with this disease it breaks my heart when you feel the pressure of weight gain also. Please know it is nothing you did or didn't do.

I hope tomorrow you get some good answers as to a plan for the future as you feel your current meds aren't working.

Good Luck!
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Darbpls, I'm so sorry you are this worried but try not to be. It's not your fault for losing weight, like Crohnstinct said! Your body probably just isn't absorbing the nutrients and stuffing yourself will just cause more symptoms and it won't help the weight gain one bit! Last year I lost 85 pounds in 8 months so when I started back school I got so many stares & the ocassional 'You just need a good steak!' Are you taking any ensure or atleast smoothies for calorie support? I do and it helps a lot. My mom is so used to my weight being up & down she doesn't say anything anymore. My GI finally told her to lay off of me when it comes to 'encouraging' me to eat more. Your GI knows you can't help it so don't worry. Worry will just increase your symptoms.

Maybe a round of steroids and a new long term treatment will put you back on track weight wise and symptom wise. Also, ask your GI to get you a script for elemental drinks(if he doesn't do it himself). I wouldn't worry about your weight until your GI does. He/she has probably had enough experiance to know when it is time to intervene diet/nutrition wise.

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Hi all,

I too am losing weight the past few months and crohn's is so new to me. I wonder if I will gain it back when I am not flaring? Is that a possibility? I am on prednisone, imuran and humira...

The scale has always terrified me and since I've been ill, my mom has been staying with me and she got me a scale. She finally convinced me to weigh myself so I can see where I am when I have my doctor's appointment next month. I was very resistant and getting frustrated with her because she will say things like "I need to be on your diet and lose weight" but I finally told her that I can't physically eat any more than I am. She seemed to get that point. I made peace with the fact that she is only doing this out of care and concern for me and I am very lucky to have a supportive mom helping me take care of myself.

Sorry, I digress...Darbpls and crohnsinct--I wish you the best of luck facing the new school year. Darbpls, like crohnsinct said, most people will be acting out of concern and may not know how to handle the situation. Be confident in yourself, that will go a long way to showing people you are awesome!
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Thanks so much for all of the responses! I really appreciate all of the feedback and it made me feel a lot better about my weight and appointment. I went to my appointment today and things went just fine. I have lost a great deal of weight but my doctor decided to start me on remicade infusions. My first ones on friday so I really hope they work out!

I hope everything works out for you guys and I wish you all the best
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Darbpls- Glad to hear you are starting remicade!! It worked wonders for me for a long time

As far as the weight thing goes, it seems like someone will always have a comment about it. Whether I gain weight or lose weight, someone always comments on it and makes me feel like i'm under constant scrutiny!! If they say I've lost a lot, I feel bad because that usually means I'm looking sicker, but when I'm on steroids or healthier and gain weight I hear "oh you're putting on some weight again!" which also makes me feel self conscious! I wish it didn't have to be like that, but it is, darn it.

Big hugs to you and I really hope the Remi does you well!!
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