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Entrocutaenous fistula.

Not too sure if i've spelt it right.

Ok I have a few questions here. I'm on Meronidazole and Co-amoxliclin. I was in horrific pain last Monday so went to the hospital, the nurse pressed down on the site where I have this fistula, as it had risen and it popped and out came a massive amount of puss... I felt fine afterwards and but they decide to put me on IV antibiotics.
Fastforward to today. Since last Monday I've had no pain, however today I have a bit, my main hole has closed up and i have a tiny hole leaking pus still. I did go out all day yesterday and worry I might have over done it. Is that possible? When the main site/hole reopens again, will it be horribly painful? I can sometimes feel it growing, and when i press down the pus leaks out of the tiny hole, again is this normal? Also, because i forgot to take my co pills yday my puss looks green. Does this mean i have an active infection there again?
Have to wait for 18 weeks for my outpatients appointment for them to discuss what they want to do with me. This is awful this disease!!
As its a bank holiday I don't want to go to hospital nor can i ring my stoma nurses as there 9-5 during the week. I also just wanted your opinion on what happened with you guys.

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