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All Joseph's levels appear OK apart from the alt which has increased over the last two weeks. Still haven't had last weeks results though, seem to be caught in between different doctors and different centres. Am hoping that I shouldn't be too worried if everything apart from alt is OK?!?! The last result was 96. As haven't been told differently he is continuing to take the 6MP and results are amazing.
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Son Joseph diagnosed July 2012 (aged 10)
Crohn's: oesophageal, ileal, oral and perianal disease
6 week exclusive modulen
8 weeks predisolone
2 weeks azathioprine - stopped after reaction
6-MP 50mg - stopped June 2014 (after 18 months)
Currently on:
Sennoside 18ml daily
Multi Vitamin
Omeprazole 10mg
Prochlorperazine 2 x 5mg
Predisolone as a mouth-wash (as and when needed)
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Just heard from the GI nurse. Son's Dr. wants to stop 6mp and move to Methotrexate. I asked if we could try allopurinol first. Still waiting on the response to that. Methotrexate sounds scarier than 6mp. Really don't want to make him feel like crap due to meds. He actually feels good most days. Never has had pain, his primary symptons have been inflammation causing multiple trips to the bathroom. Right now though, that's only about twice a day. He sounds so much more fortunate than many of your kids. Don't want to create an additional issue.
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I really appreciate this thread, but if I may ask, I have been taking 100mg imuran for over 2 months now, and although my crohns symptoms have gone, I've been getting nauseated from the imuran, so I asked if I could switch to 6mp as I heard people tolerate that better, what I'm wondering about is the conversion rates, for instance I know imuran is roughly 2- 2.5 per kg, and I toggle between 50-52 kgs (skinny fella), thing is I don't know what the therapeutic range for 6mp is, but I've been prescribed it at the same dosage. My GI had a bit of an "ummm" when I asked him, I figure he didn't wanna give me 75mg coz he'd rather kick the crohns in the teeth (so to speak). Anyway, any advice would be appreciated!
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Hey Joshuaaa,

With normal TPMT activity the dose should be:

AZA 23 mg/kg/day or 6-MP 1.5 mg/kg/day


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