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Consuming alcohol with Ulcerative Colitis?


I have been diagnosed with UC February 2012. I have had ups and downs, including flare ups that felt like nightmares. Because of this condition now, I nearly have social anxiety. It's very frustrating, and I am only 18.

I have it under control now. I am currently taking Asacol 800 mg, 6 tablets/day. Now, I know that consuming alcohol with this condition is a big no no, but sometimes I cannot help it and I do not want to let my condition get in the way of my social life, despite the intense anxiety. Tonight I am going clubbing with friends, and I will want to drink a bit.

My question is, has anyone here found an alcoholic drink that doesn't seem to upset their colon too much? I am planning on drinking some tequila. Beer is not my type of drink.

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i drank away at anything and everything. some bother me and some dont. guess you'll know 2moro. spirits did make me bleed more and beer gave me lots of gas pain. i mostly drank wine and it didnt bother me. it was the nuts etc that i ate while drunk.

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Hello Katie!
I enjoy drinking... probably more than the average crohns person should.
From my experiance i have noticed, tequilas and brandys upset my stomach bad and leave me worse in the AM.
Whiskey and vodka, in moderation seem to mix well with me.
Mind you, i do not drink energy drinks, pop or juice with them..
I stick with tonic water or drink it on the rocks taking small sips.

ALWAYS ALWAYS!!! Eat food before you consume any alcohol!!!
I live by that. If i do not eat, i can barely move the next day!

Beer, i always go to the light beer, and i avoid drinking beer to get drunk, just a few beers and normally im gasy.

Also, i just learned this the hard way, Red Wine, does not mix with Crohns patients!!!
My cousin has crohns and we recently has some red wine.. We both got sick and I had body aches and nausea for almost a week!
If your going to drink wine, i recommend white wines (even tho they are not as good as red)

Mind you, this is just from my experiance..
..the only way to learn what works for you, is to try and fail. (sucky i know!)

Hope this helps!!

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I drink Rum when I drink, I find that I don't hurt as much with it then as i do with beer
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If i could go back I would have changed my thinking. This is how I thought..Every time the next day I was in pain!!!!!!!
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Hey guys!

Okay thank you all for your suggestions/tips. I guess what Shay said it the best thing though, you need to try for yourself since everyone is different.

Turns out last night I had a couple of tequila shots, rum/coke, and vodka/coke. This morning = no hangover, no gas, and no bloating!

I am beside myself. This is very abnormal for me... Lately my stools have calmed down as well. Usually I would go 3 to 5 times a day, and they would be soft. A lot of bloating was common for me as well, even with a UC appropriate diet. Ever since last saturday or sunday, my stools have literally disappeared, I am constipated I guess, I've probably had 4 stools within 5 days. What is this????
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I have the type of Crohns where I constantly battle constipation, not diarrhea... Its annoying as crap! (pun intended)
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Beer so far for me does not make for a good situation. I get bad symptoms after a beer night. Still have not even tried other alcohols, a bit scared, and my 'cost vs. again' ' thinking won't allow me to even try. Haha
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im 23 and i have had uc for over a year now. Im currently on azathirophrine and mesasal and just getting off prednisone agian. diet doesnt seem to affect my colitis imo, i drink alot on the weekends when i go out to the bar, rum, vodka, beer, whisky you name it ,and if anything, I find it has a slightly positive affect to my inflammation the next day.
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My GI strictly told me no Red Wine.

Vodka is okay with me and beer makes me extremely gassy.
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I am 28 years old and a big beer drinker and lover. And I live in a city where local breweries are the trend.

UNFORTUNATELY since diagnosed, I have had to cut back as I noticed that the beer does not work well with my gut and now makes me bloated/crampy/gassy to where if I have too much, I am crouched over in the bar bathroom stall in pain

I heard that spirits are a good way to go for many with crohn's that tolerate alcohol, so now I will allow myself maybe one good beer and one (or two) vodka/cranberry. I also try to enjoy a glass of wine now and then since I am becoming a slightly more mature lady

Jack and cokes used to be my go-to mixed drink of choice, but the carbonation from the coke is now my worst enemy as well

And I am learning to drink in MODERATION. I can binge drink no more....otherwise I am on the toilet (and in the garbage pail) all day starting the next morning.
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I have been diagnosed with UC 3 years ago @27 but looking back the signs were there years before. It is was always after drinking. Sugary drinks are the worst. I recently flared and blame a big part of it on drinking to much on a camping trip.
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I am also a big drinker. My drink of choice is vodka and some time tequila. Beer does seem to make me more gassy and bloated and dark drinks like brandy and cognac seems to flare up my GERD. I guess it really is just up to what you can tolerate. Have fun and try not to over do it.
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This thread has really helped. Please could someone tell me if they relate to my experience?
I was diagnosed with mild UC about 6 years ago. In that time I have only had 2 major flares. I always imagined the disease, having heard so much about it, would pretty much take away most of my social life. I am a vegetarian, love eating healthy and working out daily.

For the last 12 months my intake of alcohol has increased. I never allow myself to drink during the week. On saturdays, if I know I am going out I will eat really well, line my stomach and take a couple imodium. I will drink some Rum and ginger (that's my drink of choice), maybe some light bottled lager and if I get persuaded a jagermesiter or 3! Anyway, it has never bought on a flare. I am paranoid it will, but it hasn't, i live a really healthy life style, take 2 asacal mezalasine tablets a day and for the last 3 years I've been free of flares. Do others experience a mild case of an IBD? I've never been able to accept the fact I have it and despite being in remission for a few years I'm scared to death almost every day!

Thanks for reading x
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I have UC and I can't touch alcohol anymore at all. It's by far the worst trigger of my bowel upset of all food and drink.
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I cant touch alcohol anymore cuz the meds for my UC caused me to get pancreatitis. boooooooo!
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I Found the best way is to drink just one type of alcohol for that day to see if it causes me any problems

beer and whisky gave me bloating within the 1st 30mins of drinking and would cause pain that day and the next

Now I just drink vodka, white wine and cider. Although too much per day or per week causes me problems. Do still have tequila and sambuca on special occasions but have cut down loads on alcohol (and dont really miss it tbh)
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I can drink anything while in remission. When i'm flaring I can't touch beer or mixed drinks. I'll stick with straight hennessy maybe 1-2 times a month. Alcohol is no bueno when i'm flaring, but it doesn't hurt every once in a while. Especially if there's a good football game on (Go DUCKS )
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