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Treatment Update


Just to let you know that I've just returned from a day and a half in Hospital for operation number eleven on my backside. End result is that I now have two bits of sting threaded through fistulas in my backside. Yesterday morning I only had one. I expected them to do a little more, but it seems that the operation was done by one of the Registrars rather then the Consultant and they have aired on the side of caution. All very well, but I'm wondering how long it will be before operation twelve needs to be carried out? Feeling fine, but have been signed-off work for another week. I'll probably work from home most days.

Just one slight complication, when pulling my self up the bed yesterday evening, I felt something pop in one of my fingers. When I had a look, the finger tip had bent down at a right angle It didn't hurt or anything, just looked odd. The Nursing staff were quite bemused as to how I did it and were not remotely interested in doing anything with it. I waived the offending digit in front of the Colorectal Surgeon this morning and although not her normal area of interest, she quickly diagnosed "hammer finger". Evidently, the tendon has ruptured. It's took nearly seven hours to get it splinted. It was too much trouble for anyone to come to the ward to do it, so in the end Sister in charge negotiated for it to be sorted out in the fracture clinic on my way out. It took all of two minutes including trying several different plastic fingers for size. I now have to keep this thing on for six to eight weeks and make a couple of additional trips into London. I've yet to work out the logistics of keeping this thing clean and dry whilst tending to the needs of by backside?

Time to update my signature.

Wishing you all well.

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Mark, I really hope you can catch a break soon! You've had an unbelievable time.

Your finger story sure sounds painful. Glad to hear it's not. It reminded me of a time, while on pred, my eyes really began to give me trouble. I went to see the GI right away and, just before doing a quick eye exam himself, he sent me to an ophthalmologist. Anyway, while shining the light in my eyes, I told him that I didn't know that he knew how to look in that end. I heard him laugh for the first time. He's a pretty serious guy.

Here's for a speedy recovery!
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Thanks for the good wishes. It's nice to be able to raise a smile over these things now and then.

I see that you are in Pennsylvania, I had the the pleasure to spend a week working in Mechanicsburg a few years back.


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