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Is it normal for arthritis to come and go?

I've had Crohn's for about eight years now, but in the past few weeks I've also been having arthritis pain (at 25 years old, no less!). I know that Crohn's and arthritis are related, so it's not that surprising.

What I wanted to ask is whether or not it's normal for the arthritis pain to come and go with little rhyme or reason. Two days ago I woke up with pains in my lower back, knees and ankles so severe I could hardly walk, but today I feel almost no joint pain. I have a Remicade infusion this coming Saturday, so I was expecting that to help, but the pain seems to have gone away before that for no reason. Does this match anyone else's experience?
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I've been off meds for over 7 years (well LDN for the past 9 months--which hasn't helped/hurt the joint sitch) and, yes, I get joint pain that comes and goes without any reason whatsoever and not in conjunction with digestive problems. I get it exclusively in the sacral ALA joint.

It sucks. I've been trying nearly everything I can think of, aside from meds--though I've still got some experiments up my sleeve.
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I'm only 30 and am told I have osteoarthritis. :P My pain comes and goes as well for no apparent reason at all. I'm also in remission and haven't gotten a chance to see how my arthritis acts during a flare. Hopefully I'll never find that out though. :P
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Have you noticed any connection between the joint pain and your diet? I have been having joint pain that comes and goes, but it is getting more constant and more of a problem. I think it is gluten. I saw a rheumatologist this week and he just dismissed me about it. I am doing my own experiment. It is hard to eat clean all the time!

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I was getting bad pain n my hips before my resection. That used to come and go, but the surgeons also got the docs to treat me for pelvic infection so it might not have been arthritis.
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Mine is hit and miss too. I have made a diet connection tho, Potatoes and pain from the knees down and tomatoes knuckles on hands(and more so on the left hand-go figure).

deenie- trust your instincts. My daughters doc was going to test for RA when she went gluten free...shes better now, no testing needed.
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I had 'wandering' joint pains when changing meds - 1 day ankle swollen and hot, next day wrist, following day knee ... This has stopped since I stopped taking steroids for the crohns. However, I have big joint issues with wrists, elbows and shoulders since starting Mercaptopurine (6MP). The mercapto was stopped in November 2012, and I am now having steroid injections in shoulders and wrists, the elbows have eased.

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I have severe pain in my right hand down to my elbow, but it also comes and goes, and I havent been able to find a connection between it and what I eat or anything else. Very painful at times though. I have heard that tumeric helps.
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I also have arthritis that comes and goes (and it has been with me as long as I've had Crohn's, as well). Usually it's hip pain and lower back pain (the most debilitating), though sometimes ankle, elbow, wrist and finger pain. Sometimes it arrives for no reason, but it does seem to be associated with rapid changes in atmospheric pressure. Also, it is worse the week or so after I receive Remicade.

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Arthritis always reduces to a minimal to extent that some may consider it to be cured but it can't be cured. After some period of time it again comes back. This thing is very much normal.
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I have same symptoms in my right big toe , left knee and hip and it waxes and wanes. It get worse a few days before my humira injection , then eases up for awhile.. Weird :/

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While on Remicade, my hips and knees would hurt so bad it would wake me up at night. Now on Humira, hips and knees are fine and my elbows are hurting. It doesn't seem to correspond with the Crohn's issues.
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I'm 26 and also have arthritis pains that come and go. Especially the hands and knees.

Very annoying.
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Yes it is Francis! I can almost time my humira shot by how much it starts aching. It is such a bummer.

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