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First appt with regular doctor

I had my first appt with my regular doctor yesterday. He knows nothing about Crohn's. He took out his iPhone and read up on it during our appt. Oh great. He was stating things that I already knew. He really didn't know why I was even there. I told him for blood work, vitamin deficiency, etc. I had made a list of possible things to check from the posts I have read on this forum. Good thing, because he had no idea. Then he tells me not to get the blood work done until I meet with my GI next week to make sure the blood work order is correct. Oh and then he felt my stomach. Thanks, real help. How can I be his only patient with Crohn's or IBD for that matter? I feel like I am the only person who has it where I live. I have been to five bookstores and not one fricken store has one fricken book on IBD. Really? There are probably over 2 million people in this area. What the heck?
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Crohn's Disease Forum » Tests for IBD » First appt with regular doctor
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