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Bulky liver?

My 11 year old daughter went in for an ultrasound two weeks ago. I got a call just now to let me know that everything looked ok, BUT she has a bulky liver. I asked what that means and she said that because her liver function was normal, and the blood work (taken a week before) was normal that they will monitor her closely. I am NOT going to google. Any ideas? Has anyone ever heard of a bulky liver? TIA
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Well I looked it up on google. I've never heard of it.

This is the simplest explanation I came across so far-

What they mean by bulky liver...you would have to ask the doctor.
If the liver cells become damaged because of any of 40+ reasons,
then the immune system of the patients body would respond to this
and cause inflammation that develops inside the liver. This means
the liver would enlarge in size. Usually, if the cause is found and
can be stopped, then the liver cells can heal and the problem could
be reversed; if caught early on.

This is where I got the info from. Press HERE.
Here's a link to a med. paper about it. Press HERE.
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My daughter has auto-immune hepatitis, which basically means that she has an inflamed liver. Doctors watch her closely & she has had a liver biopsy once last year & one this past week. The meds that she takes for crohns are the same meds that help with her liver. Have they mentioned anything about auto-immune hepatitis? It sounds like the same thing but I'm just speaking from my experience so hope it helps..
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My mom had auto immune hep also and hubby has been told he has fatty liver...not sure if bulky and fatty are the same thing but so far no meds for fatty just watching it.
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For those of you with liver issues, please be sure to read up on choline. Most people don't get enough in their diet and therefore Crohnies almost definitely don't which can lead to liver issues.
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Thanks David! I've actually gone out and purchased wheat germ specifically because of your comments on Choline. Realized Stephen's EN formula (although only maintenance amounts) gives him just over 10% of the recommended daily amount!! And, recently, Stephen's liver enzymes were elevated too...

To make it convenient and a 'daily' dietary supplement, I've put it in a 'spice jar' and have told Stephen to sprinkle it on anything and everything!

Always appreciate your efforts and work, David!!
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Thank you all. The nurse didn't tell me anything other than "the liver function test was fine, the blood work was all normal, but the ultrasound shows she has a bulky liver" I asked what that meant and she said "We will keep an eye on it" Which doesn't tell me a thing.
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Probably means the nurse doesn't really know the answer . At least the bloods are fine!
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lol Sascot, you are probably right!!
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I would say by bulky liver they may be referring to the fact that it is outside what be considered it normal limits...therefore it is enlarged.

Now the fact that the blood tests are normal it means that they don't have an obvious reason for this discrepancy so they will continue to monitor the situation and see if: either the liver returns to its normal size and so matches the bloods or the bloods go off to match the enlarged liver or if the status quo is maintained and if it stays that way they may want to investigate further.

Dusty. xxx
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Thank you Dusty, we had an appt today with a ped (we've never had one before) and she said that she read the report and because everything else was normal, they would just do another ultrasound in 3 mos and re do the blood work etc. She told me NOT to worry because it is very slight.

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