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Hard spot on bum

I recently discovered that I have a spot on my butt that feels hard. Its on the opposite cheek that I had my abscess surgery on so that rules out complications with that.

This "spot" is actually not a spot at all, but rather a surface area where the skin feels hard. It is not a lump of any sort nor does it feel like there's fluid inside so its not squishy, its just significantly harder feeling than what a normal butt cheek would feel like.

Has anyone ever experienced something like this?
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Hi KWalker,
I have not had that - does it hurt?

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Surprising it doesn't, and it doesn't seem to affect sitting either.
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How deep was your previous abscess? Is the hard area red, pink or hot at all? How long ago was your abscess surgery?

I've had two abscess surgeries within the last month in different locations as well as multiple "mini-abscesses" that did not require surgery. They initially thought they were due to my Crohn's but after the second surgery they found it to be an MRSA infection and that I am MRSA positive.

Now how this relates to you: my first abscess was deep under my skin and never came to a head like the other ones. So my advice to you is to see your GP to just take a quick look at it and maybe ask for an MRSA test. He'll probably tell you an MRSA test is unnecessary but I think it's important if he decides it could be another abscess, especially if you're on immunosuppressants.
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Oh no, that's not what I want to hear! My old abscess was deep enough to put your finger just about up to the knuckles in it, although at the time of the surgery it was quite large outside of the skin as well so to give an accurate depth knowing that, I couldn't tell you.

I was completely unaware that an abscess could be under the skin and never come through. This is something new as well, but over the last few days I've been feeling like crap. I went on vacation and one of the family members who came was sick all week so I've had a fever, headache, loose stools, etc. The purpose of me saying that is when I went to the bathroom yesterday I had a sharp sting not only as the stool passed through but by wiping as well, which I don't like and not sure what that would be. Hemerrhoid? Fissure? Other than an abscess and fistula I don't know a whole lot about perianal infections.

As far as looks/feel, I continuously ask my fiancee to have a peak and she says she can not see anything. I even asked her to take a picture for me to see and I myself could not identify anything abnormal.

I am not currently on any immunosuppressants (or any medicine) but I'm thinking about getting another prescription of cipro and flagyl and thinking it might be better if I take it for longer than the 7-10 days if he'll let me.
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Also, what do you know about MRSA? I've tried to look online and some sites say its not dangerous, others say it can be very bad
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You can definitely take cipro and flagyl for more than 10 days. I have been on it for about three months (for internal abscesses that develop in fistulas) as well as on/off tetracycline for this stupid MRSA infection.
Here's what I know about MRSA: if you are young and relatively healthy it will not be a problem. MRSA is simply a Staph infection that is resistant to certain antibiotics. It is often picked up in hospitals and other medical situations there for the people who get it are often already have a compromised immune system and can't properly fight the infection, especially if they take an antibiotic that the Staph infection is resistant to. There for yes people can die from it, just like someone can die from the common flu. It's been quite hush hush as far as I can tell as the medical community doesn't want to frighten people since the majority of people who are MRSA positive (i.e. the Staph bacteria that lives on our skin is resistant) will never get an active MRSA infection.
That being said the sooner you see your doctor the better because if you catch it early enough you may be able to avoid a second surgery. If you have any other questions for me let me know but bear with me as I'm still learning new information everyday. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.
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Thank you very much! I'm signed up with the disability office at the University I go to and I actually have a meeting with them on Tuesday for them to see any accomodations and I found out that my school actually has a doctors office on campus so between the two they should really be able to help me.

I have heard from others as well who have been on cipro/flagyl for longer than the 10 day course, I just think it was my doctor who didn't want to do it. Instead after my 1st abscess surgery they gave me a 10 day supply then I'd have to wait a few weeks and they would give me another supply. They always said to get more as needed and gave me the minmal they could. Do you get any side effects from being on them for that long? I never had any problems while on them short term.

Also, would it be worth it to try and get the tetracycline to try that on whatever it is that I do have or wait until they do tests?

Thanks for all your help! Problems "down there" seem to be my only real problem with crohns and sometimes I wish I could trade for the stomach aches or other symptoms
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I would not recommend tetracycline unless you absolutely need it. I throw it up all the time and it is a very hard antibiotic to take. I was only put on it because I developed the abscesses after I was already on Cipro and Flagyl.
My only side effect of Cipro and Flagyl is constant loose dark and sometimes green D but I had that from day 1 of the antibiotics. That being said it has been a life saver for me and the only thing that has kept the pain at bay. I've tried Entecort, Imuran, Prednisone, and Remicade and Methotrexate (which I am technically still on but am trying to get off because of my constant infections). I am seeing my GI in two weeks to discuss how long I can be on them, but if I could I'd be on them forever. I'll let you know what he says. And you're welcome! One of the only good things about my disease is being able to share my experiences and hopefully help people
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Well thank you so much! I will stick to the cipro/flagyl for now..if they'll even give it to me. Unfortunately I have the worlds worst G.I. So the doctors who have been helping me for the most part have been my family doctor and a really good clinic doctor I got help from in the past. My G.I. has basically refused to help me unless I go on Imuran which I don't feel comfortable on that medicine so I've been trying to find a doctor who will give me a prescription to try LDN.

I'm glad that's the only symptom you get from the cipro/flagyl. I actually think the flagyl did the opposite for me and bound me up and at first I got nausea but other than that nothing serious.

Please do keep me updated with yourself and I'll do the same
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Hey KWalker,
Thought I'd post a little update. Long story short saw three doctors and all that happened was put off Methotrexate. So guess what happened I got another Abscess. Just waiting to find out if I'll need surgery for the third time since July. It came back the second I got off Tetracycline. Did you talk to your doctor about MRSA, how are you doing? Hoping to hear a positive doctor story from your side!
P.S looking into disability at my school and they're amazing! I'm glad you posted about them. They even agreed to get me a note taker should I be in the hospital for more than a day again.
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Thanks for the update! I'm so happy to report that mine is going well and is almost gone without the surgery! I talked to the doctor about MRSA and she didn't feel comfortable discussing/testing with me because she said it was out of her practice (which I completely respect her honesty) and has referred me to a specialist.

The disability office is a huge help eh!? I don't have a note-taker officially but have it set up that teachers are required to give me notes for class that I miss. I did it like that because I didn't want piles of notes laying around and plan on going to most classes anyways so I'm able to take my own notes. It is nice for classes that I'll miss too and because of the disability office I don't need a doctor's note either because I explained to them that some days we just don't feel well and going to a doctor really won't do anything as we already know what we need to do to take care of the problem and just need a day or two (hopefully) to recover.

They also have it set up so instead of writing my exam with 1,000 other kids in a big gym where you're not allowed to leave until you hand in your exam, I write mine in a room with maybe 20 kids, in much more comfortable chairs where we ARE allowed to leave the room during the exam if needed for bathroom breaks, certain people need to exercise legs, etc. We just leave everything at the door and they're much more trusting that we won't cheat.

As much as I'm the last person to ever accept help from others or to have somebody make exceptions for me, it really is a great feature for students and it really does help me (and many others) with studies.

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