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New Specialist Today

Saw the new GI today. Took 3 months to see him, and I could tell he was in a rush. Halfway through the conversation he was already standing by the door looking at his watch. I hate the health care system in this country.

He want's to "rule out" Crohn's. I have just about every symptom in the book. Previous GI has me on low dosage Elavil and new GI couldn't understand why. Didn't tell me to stop, but said to start taking Bentyl. Said he would give me nothing for the pain, even though it's 10/10 and can barely walk some days.

Already had a endoscopy and colonoscopy done, showing inflammation in esophogus, duodenum, stomach, jejunum and my ileum, all blamed on gastritis. Had CT scan with contrast done 6 months later, showing inflammation in small bowel especially in ileum. This was done at a hospital in a different health network so he wasn't able to see anything from CT scan, just colonoscopy and endoscopy.

He ordered some tests. He wants me to do a barium x-ray. If I had the CT scan with contrast, is there any point in doing a barium x-ray also? I guess I don't understand. Drew blood for a few tests, didn't' tell me what. I saw one was the prometheus. He said they would for sure tell him whether or not I have Crohn's.

I mentioned fecal lactoferrin and calprotectin and he laughed and changed the subject.

I almost cried after he left the room. I feel like I'm begging these doctors to take me seriously and all they want is more money. Immediately he brought my age into it and acted like it was impossible for me to be so ill so young. He was in the room for less than 15 minutes and it was $190 fee. What's wrong with this. That's a little less than what a lot of people make in 40 hours. I want to quit my job everyday because I am so sick, yet I have short term disability. He said he'd see me in about 3 months........

I see the Rhuematologist at the end of the month, I'm hoping he will be able to help. My joints hurt so much everyday.

I waited so long to get these doctors involved because I knew I would get the run around. It's been two years of tests and waiting. Probably tens of thousands of dollars and I feel absolutely the same.

Thank you god for marijuana! Without it, I probably wouldn't be here anymore. I know I wouldn't want to be. And I don't even smoke it, vaporizers all the way.

Anyone take bentyl? Was reading, says not to take Elavil with Bentyl. Made an appointment with my GP for Tuesday, i'll talk to him about it. The Elavil is low dosage, it's not for depression. I guess it blocks some receptor for internal pain or something, I dunno. It helped at first, especially for my shoulders and neck and back which I think is fibro. Really helped me sleep. Before I started taking it I would wake almost every hour in pain. If it wasn't my back, or my stomach it was my legs burning. I don't know if I'm ready to give that up yet, haha. Sleep is such a wonderful thing, one of the only things I look forward to anymore.
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This is terrible to hear! I can't believe you have to put up with such nonsense. Being in Canada I can't fully understand the health care system but the way I see it you are paying your own hard earned money; if he's shit don't pay him. I know it's hard but keep pressuring to find a doctor that works for you.
I totally understand the whole "why are you so sick so young". I was told that I shouldn't have a colonoscopy at 18, so I ignored my symptoms until last year when I was too sick to work. Even after my third hospital stay over night in two months, when I found out I had an MRSA infection, a specialist came to assess me and said "don't worry about MRSA, you're young and healthy, you'll be fine." I had to stand my ground and go "No, you're wrong, I'm young but I'm not healthy, if you read my file before coming in the room you'd find out I have Crohn's and am on two immunosuppresants."
As terrible as it is if you don't fight for your health you can't expect anybody else to. Know that everybody on this site is here for you to support you! Hope you get the treatment you need to manage your disease soon!

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