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Hi guys. So I've had my condition for about 3.5 years. I'm on mesasal, infliximab, imuran, pentasa suppositories, salofalk enemas, and varying amounts of prednisolone, but usually steady at 10mg.

Anyway, because I've been on high doses of steroids and then 10mg, I mostly haven't thought I could exercise. I was told I could jog lightly at 10mg, but couldn't do weights at gym. Now I've heard I can do push ups, sit ups and chin ups (I've also been diagnosed with osteoporosis, so I guess I'm meant to do it now too to held my bones). So I just wondered what other people's experiences thoughts are? What kinda exercise do you/can you do on 10 mg? How does it affect you etc? Before this I used to be in pretty good shape and went to gym regularly, and am hoping to get back into at least some shape. Not sure if I can go running now (or at lesser rates). Also thinking of maybe trying yoga.
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I find using the (stationary) bike and striding machine very low impact but still allows you to get a sweat up and heart beating fast.

I am just doing very short periods on each, that way I never find it a chore.

I do 5 minutes on the bike, six minutes on the strider, then a minute on the bike and then a one minute break and do 50 lifts on the weights.

Am hot and sweaty and a bit wobbly after this but quickly recover.

Good luck

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i was doing 25mile cross counrty mountain bike rides while on steriods,that was my only excercise but it was hard work,kept me fit plus i had fun doing it,i would have thought you could do anything,i also have osteoperosis.i have been mtb'n for 2-3 years now and love it

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