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New here

Hello everyone,

I'm so glad I found this forum. I was diagnosed with UC in april this year after suffering with the disease for the last 7 years and being fobbed off by gps with them saying it was IBS.

I am inbetween Flare ups at the moment. So happy to have people to talk to on here though!
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Well Rasca;cat I am glad that you found us. I have not been a member for long but have enjoyed the time I have been able to spend here. It is a wonderful forum. I am a member of many since I have a lot of medical problems but these guys are the best.
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Welcome to the forum, both of you!

This is a great placed indeed! Rascalcat, I was also fobbed off as IBS for about 18 years before getting my diagnosis. Two years after that, my colon is gone. It's frustrating, to say the least!

Meander around... there is a ton of good information here.
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hi and welcome rascalcat,
im ju and i have uc too. glad you're doing well.
Ru on any meds for maintenance. Ive just started remicade and its a miracle drug for me so far. hope it doesnt let me down like the rest.
whats the weather like in yorhshire. here in ireland its raining surprise surprise...
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7 years is a long time to be suffering from an incorrect diagnosis. Are you on medication now? Is it helping (I hope so)?
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Since joining this forum a few days ago Ive found out more and more info about whats available for this disease,maybe its time for a new GI doc. Ill be seeing him soon and will have a lot of notes from here to ask him about.

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