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Swimming after fistulotomy

hi has been FOREVER since I've posted and I wish I could say it's because I've been 100% healthy but that is definitely not the case..I'm still dealing with the same 2 perianal March I saw a new surgeon at UPMC who came from Mayo so she was highly recommended..she performed two surgeries since then..the most recent was a fistulotomy in April..everything went well with it..she's had to reopen and drain mini-abscesses twice in the office and we're also dealing with a healing issue in general..they assume it's because I'm on Remicade but the wound is STILL OPEN and draining..I recently told my friends that the day I can quit using bandages, we're having a legit party..

anyway..after that quick update - my actual question..I saw there was a thread regarding swimming but the user wasn't having any drainage..I'm leaving this weekend for a few weeks at the beach and as I said, I'm still having drainage and the wound is still open..what are everyone's thoughts on the ocean, pool, hot tub if that's all still going on down there?..should I be okay?..avoid bodies of water? my surgeon to just ask?..any opinions are really appreciated : )
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While I would check with my surgeon first to be on the safe side... I can tell you that after approximately 5 procedures within a couple of months, and having actively draining setons, I went to the beach in Trinidad for a week with no problems. The ocean water actually healed them some and gave relief. I still do not swim in pools because I don't want to risk any more infections on top of the abscesses I already have. I did take a few quick dips in the pool with the kids, and successfully bathed in what some would consider a third world country, with no problems... Although I would avoid the hot tub, I've always heard they're a breeding ground for bacteria and what not. But, once again, check with your doctor to be sure!

Best of luck and enjoy your vacation!!
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