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MRI scans and fistulas

ok as some of u are aware i have recently suspected I had a fistula and was so convinced I demanded I would not settle until I'd had a scan to look into it. was sent for an MRI scan of my pelvis last week and results have just come back today...clear! apparently it was totally normal I am almost sure that it is a fistula but nobody will take me seriously! why would the MRI scan not pick anything up? I suppose it's kind of a good thing as I was worried they would find abscesses or more than 1 fistula but at the same time I need answers for my symptoms??
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I dont know whether to be pleased for you or not Kimmy! I believe fistulas can be hard to detect. I came into hospital today for a scope and a scan, and I thought it would be CT but the nurse is now saying MRI.
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Fistulas are difficult to detect. I am suspecting to have a recto vaginal one due to symptoms. However, the first MRI did not pick up anything. The second MRI found two completely different fistulas. My docs say there can be "pin prick" fistulas where you occasionally get drainage, feel bubbles, or pain. But cannot be viewed on the MRI.

My advice destress, stress makes your body want to fight and makes the immune system more active...hence causing more problems. Advocate for yourself, learn about the body, ask questions, write questions done before going to the doctor, and find a GI who you are comfortable with and answers questions. Lastly, be respectful and "buddy" up to the doctors, nurses, and MAs, it will help them be motivated in helping figure out what is wrong. They are great allies to have!

I wish the best of luck to you. Crohn's disease is miserable and literally a pain in the arse. Try and not to let it get to you.
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thanks for replies I have never heard of a pin prick fistula that's interesting I will look into that. if u don't mind me asking what symptoms do u have to lead u to think u have a recto vaginal fistula? i am at my wits end telling docs there is something there and they just tell me if it was a recto vaginal fistula I would be passing stool from my vagina I'm not so they say stop worrying about fistulas! have they never thought that maybe the fistula is so small at the minute it isn't causing me these problems just yet!
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I am not sure about fistulas but I think I have a blockage and even after 2 abdominal xrays and a abdominal ct scan they keep saying it is clear, even though my GI said I do have a mild ileus. So I do think that some scans can miss some of the problems. I have even heard of some not knowing until they had exploratory surgery.

I truly hope it is not a fistula and you get some relief very soon. Please keep us updated on your situation.
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