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How do I find out what my trigger foods are and does it really help to know,I have been sick for so long I feel like I have no hope.
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One thought may be to go on liquid diet (chicken broth, vegetable broths) for full week. Clean out the ol' system. Eliminate ALL carbonated beverages (will produce much bloating) and only drink water. This will probably elmiinate all bloating for you and certainly clear out everything. Keep away from carbs (another bloater, doc told me anything with yeast should be avoided...think of yeast rising and stomach bloating rising...). Slowly add back in ONLY pure foods and smaller balanced meals (protein, veggies). See how you do with that for a few days. If you can get a food allergy test, do so. That may help you. Baby steps...good luck!
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I tried doing the total clean out thing, one word: impossible! I apparently have no will-power. :P I did find a way though! First I cut out dairy, which made me worse, surprisingly. So I went back on it. Then I moved onto gluten, no change, so I went back on it. Then I tried taking out refined sugars, etc. I eventually figured out that an extremely basic diet of low-residue foods was what I needed. I'd say try out the low-residue thing first.

Really all eat now is yogurt, honey, chicken soup, the occasional sweet, Ensure, milk and baby food. The baby food is actually not that bad, it comes in these net little pouches with pooh bear characters on the front. XD yum. People do give me kinda weird looks when I'm rocking the Berber icon though. :P

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