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Do fissures bleed normally???

Sorry for TMI, but I feel like I've got razor blades coming out of my fissure?/ fistula-. Applying ointment was the worst to date today, and I'm getting a little blood in my stool. Very watered down- but I guess that's cos my stools are pretty much water. Would it be the fissure, or should I tell my gp? My GI said I'm supposed to tell him if there's ever blood in my stool, but I don't think it's another bowel abscess. I'm guessing my bowels would hurt a lot more if it was!?!
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I would tell your doctor / GI on any blood.

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I currently have a fissure any they can bleed. I dont have alot of blood with mine, just enough to notice it on the tp. I would do as Michael said tell your doctor. Are you taking any medication for the fissure?
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Yes tell your GI and no you don't have to be in a lot of pain to be bleeding further up in the GI tract.
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Emily- I have ointment for it, but otherwise I'm on humira for the crohns which is supposed to help fissures and fistulas. It's not bleeding at the moment, and it's better, but I think I'll use the ointment a few more times and hopefully it will heal it. If it was from the fistula then I don't know.
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I have an anal fistula, and it's inner hole (just inside my anus) does not bleed, but does feel like the pain of a fissure when i have a BM. i was convinced i was dealing with a fissure when the fistula inner pain developed, but i explained the pain to the Colorectal Surgeon and he said he didnt think it was a fissure, but more the pain of the fistula inside. I trust his opinion about it.

I also started noticing that the pain was exactly where the inner hole of the fistula is (i know exactly where the hole is because when i push on the tract to expel fluid from the outer hole, fluid actually comes out of a particular spot within my anus each time).

I don't know if this helps at all. But do you know if you have a fistula?
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