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Hi, 16 with indeterminate IBD

Hey! I also use the Teens With Crohns message board, but I though't I'd try this out...

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about 3 years ago..1 year ago, I had a (what they thought) was a peri-anal abscess, so they diagnosed me with Crohn's Disease A few months ago, I had to go to the hospital because my hemaglobin (sp?) was so low. While I was there, they told me it was 5.5 (the normal is like 12-15), and my iron levels were really low. They didn't know how I was still standing..So I had to have a blood transfusion. Afterwards I felt a TON better.
Anyway, I then visited two surgeons (one of which operated on my brother who had u.c., but had a colectomy). They 'examined' me, and I showed one where the abscess had been a year ago. he told me that it was probably a poly-nital abscess, which is totally NOT related to IBD..And they both told me it seemed a lot more likely to be uc than crohns, which I was actually really happy about! God forbid I'd have to have surgery in the future, I could have my colon removed without a chance of the disease coming back.
Lets see, currently I'm on 6mp, asacol, and something else for depression(called cymbalta), and also trying out ambien CR(i've had bad sleep for quite a few years..).
I've been on prednisone lots of times (funn), and I've taken flagyl and cipro, and had a few remicade infusions although they didn't work...

Sorry I made this kinda long!!! I guess I had a lot to say...And that's not even all of it but anyway , thanks for listenin, guess I'll talk to you guys soon...

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Welcome to the board... sorry to hear that you've gone through a boat load of crap. Having CD or UC is bad enough and you've had to battle a lot more. It's not fun, I know....

Well welcome aboard.
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Hi Bananasplit and welcome to the site So sorry to hear you've been through so much, IBD sucks... but it helps to have people around you that know what you're going through, so look forward to seeing you around!

Elaine x
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Hi Bananasplit!

Welcome to the boards

Look forward to seeing you around the site

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to the forum! I am glad that you decided to join here as well. Glad that things are a bit more clear now than before, but it is never fun to have any disease.
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Bananasplits good to have you on the site
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hey thanks so much for the 'welcome' to you guys soon =]
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welcome to the site i hope you find this place as usefull as the teen one

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Hi Bananasplit! Welcome to the forum; it's great to have you with us. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you in the future!

"The only thing worse than being diagnosed with Crohn's disease 25 years ago, was when my daughter got diagnosed with this dreaded disease 4 years ago and having to stand by and watch her suffer with the same things I've dealt with for most of my life and feeling so utterly helpless to do anything about it!"
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Mama Crohnie
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Welcome to the Board Bananasplit...cute name. Make yourself at home here, and ask us anything you want. Really glad you found us here, and I hope you continue to feel well.
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I am GRANDMA BEAR ... I am sure that you will have a wonderful time here with us ... so jump right in and have some fun !! See you around the board !!
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Welcome to the site, good to have you with us
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Hi Bananasplit! hope to see you around the site.

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