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Good afternoon. This is my first post although I've read a number of topics and posts in the past few weeks. It's amazing how much strength and support this community gives to one another - and I just wanted to share our story.

My mother has suffered from Crohn's disease for almost 40 years (she is now 61, a retired teacher). The disease is in her small bowel and she had a re-section in 2004 but has remained in reasonable health since. She takes Pentasa and has lots of prescribed calcium and vitamins/minerals as well as receiving a regular injection of vitamin B12.

Mum's ankles have been very swollen for a long time and the doctors have tested her for everything from heart failure to amyloidosis to rule those out. The swelling problem is caused by low albumin levels (level of 24) and a recent MRI scan showed potential fistula and/or strictures which they believe are causing problems.

She has been admitted to hospital today to begin nasogastric tube feeding - a first for her so we're not sure what to expect. A barium follow-through is scheduled for tomorrow.

Hopefully the feeding will increase her albumin levels sufficiently. The subsequent treatment will depend on the results of the barium. Her consultant says that it could be treated medically but surgery is more likely.

My dad is great - they spent their first wedding anniversary 39 years ago in the hospital as mum had just been diagnosed although subsequent anniversaries have been celebrated better!
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Welcome! That is quite a story of perseverance and love. It sure helps to read stories like yours because some of us struggle wondering if our family could possibly love us while we go through our trials. Forty years...wow...that is inspirational. Thank you for sharing here.

I hope you find what I am finding here. The information and support seems almost limitless.
Here's to your Mum's recovery and to your loving supportive family. May God bless you!

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