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New Fistula after Starting Cimeza?

All the wind is out of my sails.

I was on humera for 3 years. Had one fistula when I started developed another last year. So I switched to Cimeza 5 weeks ago and had surgery to install two seatons. What a pain! A month after the surgery I was feel better would even call it remission... but I have a bump on my bottom - saw the surgeon yesterday and he thinks its another fistula.

I feel like they're coming faster. I don't know what to do! I thought the cimeza was suppose to stop this and now another? When I have two seatons!

Any suggestions or thoughts? Should I get a second opinion? Should I switch meds again? I heard remicade was good with fistulas - but I heard that about cimzia too.

Just very frustrated.
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I completely understand!

I had never had a fistual, but got my first while on Humira. I ended up in surgery (9/2/11) due to severe blockage and the fistula has formed an abscess and was poking out my side.

Since then I have changed over to Cimzia, and developed my first perianal abscess and fistula! I don't know what to say about all of this, and I can't go the remicade direction because I've been there, and done that, years ago!

I completely understand how you feel, but don't have any words that will help. Sorry that you're in this boat with me.
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I've been on Cimzia for about 8 months now and am just now seeing results in the peri-anal region. When I started I had three fistulas. Two closed but a new one deveoped a couple months after starting Cimzia. Doctor said it takes Cimzia more time to address prei-annal issues and that I should be patient. I was, and not am finally feeling like my butt is getting back to normal. You are right to be frustrated. It is incredibly annoying! But, hang in there you should see results soon.

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