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Could this be a fistula? (TMI alert)

Hi All,

I've had Crohn's for about 5 years and it's always affected my terminal ileum. About 3 months ago had an MR enterography which looked great and I haven't had a true flare in several years.

For about the last week and a half or so I've had a fair amount of pelvic pressure/pain. I was recently on my menses, so I blamed it on that, however, every time a have a bowel movement there's a small amount of brownish mucous that seems to be coming from vaginal area. I don't notice anything any other time and there's no associated gas, but I can't help worry that I've developed some sort of fistula.

I always assumed that with a fistula there should be leakage at other times but can't help but wonder...

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The leakage could be determined by the type of BMs you have - when I had mine, I was also in a flare and having D, which leaked almost all the time. If you have formed stools, you may not have that much 'leakage'.

It could be you have something else going on, wouldn't be a bad idea to get checked either by a GI or even a Gyn.

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Definitely best to get it checked out!

I developed a fistula, which runs into my pelvis - no drainage that i notice, just pressure in my pelvis, hips ache, groin ache and a dull ache in one butt cheek- oh and sciatic pain for good measure! I thought fistulas were tracks with an open sore ending - but i have no open sores or abscess.

Was diagnosed by MRI of bowel and one of pelvis area.

Good luck, and hope all is ok
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Hey there. I agree with Crabby, better to get it checked. In fact I'm in hospital at the mo having similar symptoms checked. My urine has tested positive for blood and leukocytes, so what I think is stool leakage might be dried blood?
I've had a clear colonoscopy and am just waiting now for results of MRI.
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We must've posted at the same time, Deb. Those are my symptoms exactly, cept I do have a little bit of drainage. What treatment did you get for it?
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HI wondering I agree with the other u need to get cked out. I have had a recto vaginal fistula for almost 17 years they have tryed too many meds to list and 2 failed surgeries. They said the next step was an colostomy but I was younger and more vain and I refused. Now here I am many years later getting ready to meet with a surgeon about another fistula repair attempt this time with colostomy because the pain and drainage is horrible and my vanity is fading!lol Im sorry i couldn't hepl more.
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I do not know if it is fistula or not but I have endometrial hyperplasia. My uterine liner (what you shed on your menses) is way to thick. (it can be a pre-cancerous sign) even though i have my cycle I do not shed completely and through out the month I pass this brownish matter that almost looks like wet toilet tissue. It is a lot worse after a bowel movement, actually the only time I see it is after a BM. I had an internal vaginal ultrasound and they said they did not see a fistula. I thought that was the problem at first also.

If you have heavy or irregular cycles this could be a problem and you need to see a gyno.
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Hi there,
Definitely get it checked out. I have had 3 perianal fistulas, two of which have closed, and although the area they drain is different from what you are experiencing, the pressure and pain sound somewhat suspect. Obv the brown discharge after a BM could be a sign as well.
I would also heed the advice of Earnellswifey, there could be a connection. I would make appts with GI and Ob/Gyn, and keep in mind, although Drs are very smart and knowledgable, they don't know everything, and a surprising few seem to have knowledge about fistulas. Best to get multiple opinions, and from larger hospitals. Drs at Mt. Sinai in NYC failed to recognize my first perianal fistula for what it was at first. Good luck, and I hope you are doing better soon.

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