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CD, Class of

I was dx'd at 9 years old. That was hard cuz I had to quit tap, ballet, gymnastics and batton(spelling?). Went on pred..oh lovely moon face lol!! I had CD for while before that though. We went on vacation and as the plane was landing I HAD to go. So instead of fastening our seatbelts my mom took me to the bathroom while the plane landed.
I'd gone to 13 doc's trying to find out what was wrong with me. I had sores all over the inside of my mouth and cold sores around the outside. One doc said if I'd brush my teeth it would clear up.hah! I couldn't get the brush in my mouth without excrutiating pain! I had a hard time eating as well. My family doc did some blood work and stool samples in 89 and voila..crohn's!!
It's been up and down now..more down than up. I had remission for 2 years. My parents split and on came the flare-up. I was 14 and couldn't make it to the bathroom. Talk about embarASSing! I took my books home for 2 years for school, but they said all the work I did hadn't counted!! What?! Instead of going to 11th they wanted me back in 9th. I said no way and got my GED.
I found a accelarated degree school that didn't care if I missed days or spent 45 min. in the bathroom, as long as I got the work done. was so happy. I went to be a paralegal..i.e. a lawyers
Everything was good untl internship. I started at the courthouse and cleaned in the eve's and was trying to carry on a relationship. You know what that spells...? Hospital!!
After a week in there they sent me home. No work, no school until further notice. Great..haha.
My boyfriend couldn't deal and broke up with me over the phone on easter!! What a sh**!!
I got to try a new drug. And I started going into remission after a four year flare-up.
I then started bartending. It was great. I met my husband there, Well we used to go to school together and I hadn't seen him in over 10 years. He was great, but I was scared to tell him about my gut. Anyway we moved in together when he proposed. Not a day to soon, cuz the new wonder drug was causing more new drug for me .
I had a huge flare-up. I could't work or even stand my joints were that bad. I wasn't making it to the bathroom...what a trip! It's bad enough you don't feel good let aolne you have to get yourself cleaned up before the next wave of pain sets!
That was 5 years ago.I've had 2 babies since then. Breastfeeding and sitting on the toilet are definately not the greatest but what else are you gonna do when you gotta go you GOTTA go.
Well I'll try and write again. My outlook is humor for everything! I don't take offense to much. I've learned How to let a lot of situations be humorous with this disease. You have to or you go'll go crappy...I mean crazy

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Sorry that was so long
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Thanks for sharing that Molly. You sure have gone through a lot, but it is great that you have a sense of humour about it all. I think you will fit in here great.
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Hi Molly welcome to the site and congrats on having children. :-)
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Hi Molly! Welcome aboard!
It sure sounds that you've been through a lot. We all apreciate humour on this bring it on!
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Hi Molly and welcome to the site!
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My Support Groups:

Molly ... Welcome Aboard !! I am sure that you will make plenty of new friends here and so I am Grandma Bear ... if you want a friend or someone to talk with I am here !!
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You all seem funny and caring,
and you don't even mind if I am MIA on the commode
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hey molly welcome to the site i hope you have fun

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Hi and Welcome to the forum Molly!

It's nice to meet you. Judging from your story, you have been through a lot; Thank God for humor! ...and sometimes... you've just gotta cry!

I hope you find lots of support here, make many new friends (including myself) and a few laughs along the way!

"The only thing worse than being diagnosed with Crohn's disease 25 years ago, was when my daughter got diagnosed with this dreaded disease 4 years ago and having to stand by and watch her suffer with the same things I've dealt with for most of my life and feeling so utterly helpless to do anything about it!"
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Hi Molly
hope to see you around posting
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Hello Molly!!
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Hi Molly!


Look forward to reading your posts!

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Hey Molly, welcome to the site, hope I see you around.
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Hye Molly,

Thanks for your story and welcome to the site. I hope you find all the support and advice here.

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