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Mark appeared on shin overnight (photo included)

This appeared overnight on my my shin, no idea what it is or where it came from. I haven't injured my leg recently and it doesn't hurt, feel hot or cold to the touch and is not raised. It doesn't feel like a bruise either at all.

I have been diagnosed with IBS and had a blood test a couple of months a go (CBC, Liver, Kidney, ESR) which was normal. I have been unusually constipated and bloated for the last month now but no idea what this rash is.
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It's prob nothing to worry about, maybe slept on it wrong, bumped it somewhere without knowing, ect...
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Could be erythema nodosum. But that usually (for me anyway) comes with itching. Could be a bug bite, or more likely could be nothing. Wait a few days and monitor it.
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Thank you for the replies. I also have these tiny red pin size dots on either side of my shoulder, no idea what they are either! Falling apart at the moment
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Do you legs ache? Are they swollen? If so, it could be a physical manifestation of Crohn's. I had several strawberry collored spots on my calves and thighs before I was diagnosed. It was originally diagnosed as vascullitis. Once on prednisone, however, the spots never reappeared. Watch it and definitely discuss it with your doctor.
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Hi Switalski, my legs don't really ache and there is only a little bit of pain just next to the shin bone but not on it. I've drawn a mark around it to see if it changes at all. Thanks for the advice

I can't seem to work out if the type of mark which can appear with Crohn's is mean't to be raised or not, this is as flat as a pancake. I did do the glass test on it to see if it faded when pushed - it doesn't.
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looks like a bug bite to me but i could be wrong.
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Hi Maria, that's what I thought at first but it's not itchy, raised or hot and there are no marks on it at all that I could find. It seems like it's a bit of skin which has changed colour for no reason that I can see.
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It looks similar to how my Erythema Nodosum began. I had small bumps I thought were bites then they became hard and painful and looked like raised bruises.
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Keep an eye on it. I had something just like that 4 weeks ago. Now it looks like the picture below from today. I kind of ignored it for about two weeks. I thought it was an ingrown hair or bug bite.

Today they did some punch biopsies. They think it is panniculitis, which they think could be a result of a crohns flare, cimzia injection, or my current uti and kidney stone issues.

But it started as a small red bump.

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