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Anyone with Crohn's living in Ottawa?

Somehow i hear about all these people who have support groups in their town and friends who have crohn's just like them. I haven't found any yet. I live in Ottawa and would really like to email or find people who know what i'm going through. My name is Nathalie and i'm 27 yrs old. I've had crohn's and an ileostomy since i was 13 and about to undergo surgery for fistulas and resection of ileostomy. Having a hard time and could use the support.
Take care and good luck everyone!
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Is this the right area? Can you see the link?

You may also find members in your area by checking out the forum zeemaps (click the link in the thread)

Welcome to the forum!

We're also here for you even though its online. We also have a stoma subforum if you'd like to check it out: Hope the surgery goes well. Please keep us posted!
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My Support Groups:
This group is quite good - they have chapters across Canada and fund quite a bit of research - Crohn's and Coliiis Foundation of Canada
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Is it to late to reply to this post? I'm also looking for people to hang out with in Ottawa with crohn's. I've had it for 10 years I feel like I missed out on a good part of my life because of embarrassment, always telling people I have travelers diarrhea HaHa!! I would like to meet people like me! I'm 36 year old male and sometimes still go out for drinks! If anyone is intersted in chatting let me know!

Keep up the good fight!

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