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I've been saying this all along

About eggs, that is, and dietary cholesterol, but yet the myth of it being directly aligned to LDL levels still perpetuates and prevails. I read studies on this years ago, and here's another mention in an article. They're even good for fending off breast cancer, obesity, and macular degeneration. Here:

Eat your eggs. Deh good for ya.

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Arnold ate 12 egg whites a day at one point. (really though, that's only like 36 grams of protein, and like 350 calories, so it's not as excessive as it sounds). But this article explains even why the yolk is great.

They're fine for me, but when I was very, very bad, they were one of the foods that normally was good with me, that became sketchy at times. Then again, nothing at that point seemed to agree with me.
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I eat 2 boiled Omega 3 eggs every morning and are helping me a lot for keeping my energy levels and getting some esily digestable proteins and nutrients. For some reason , commercial eggs seem to bother me !!!!
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I've always believed that stuff about eggs and high cholesterol. I do eat them, but not very often. Think I might be having a bit of an eggfest this weekend!
Seriously, when I'm not very well and not eating very much, some scrambled eggs seem to do it for me!
Steve J
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I've been leery bout duck eggs. I had duck eggs in July and my brother and I both got very ill. Then he had them again and was sick again.

I like chicken eggs, but since I was so sick with the duck eggs they don't appeal to me very much.

Eggs always seem to make me run to the bathroom if I do them on the frying pan.
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Aww man. MSN took this article down. And I meant to give it to my dad, because he thinks I eat too many eggs. Oh well. XD

*Raises thread from the dead*
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I eat an Egg every morning for breakfast.
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My dad does some work for a guy around here that sells fresh eggs. Best eggs I've ever had. There is a definite difference. Kinda cool that you can still go on the honor system up here. He's got his eggs in a refrigeration unit in a shed that also has jars of honey on shelves and a box for the money. They're priced, you put the money in the box, take your eggs and that's that. Pretty cool.
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I think you would be hard pressed to find a better food than Eggs. I eat a lot of them.

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I can't eat eggs anymore for some reason. It all started about a year back when I started the SCD diet, and pretty much ate eggs everyday for breakfast. After awhile, the eggs started to not sit well with my stomach. Every time I ate them I ended up doubled over in pain. So I don't eat them anymore, and when I do, it's usually in a sandwich, that way I can tolerate it *a little* better. I can't really eat eggs though by themself anymore, especially scrambled.
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I love eggs in all forms, fried never.. but they don't like me anymore, not worth eating them.
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I eat them too but never more than two days in a row. I have tried to put rules like that into my diet now after reading that "bad gut book". Maybe scrambled one day, French toast the next. Then skip a day of eggs and each cornflakes or oatmeal for a day or two.
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I was having the same Iminflamed, so now I just stay as far away as possible.

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