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SCD and Fiber Supplementation?

I want to try the SCD diet, as it seems so helpful for so many and the theory makes a lot of sense.

My only concern is this: With Crohn's, I have noticed that taking a fiber supplement had helped me in the bathroom greatly. I take either psyllium husks or acacia powder almost everyday and they help me have regular, formed BM's. Well, both psyllium and acacia are "illegal" on SCD because the contains starch.

My question is this: Fiber is not digested by the body. Fiber is undigestable by nature. So why is it illegal on SCD? The body does break it down, it just passes through, so why does it matter if there is starch in it?

I hope someone can help me out with this!
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I believe the logic is that while you are not digesting the fibre, it is still passing through your system, fermenting and feeding the disease in question. I may be wrong but that's how i've always understood it.
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soluble fiber can be fermented by both bad and good bacteria.

i find psyllium is good for improving diarhea symptoms, but bad for constipation symptoms.

in 2009 when i was first diagnoseed i was taking coconut oil (one tablespoon a day)and psyllium(16 grams/day) and i was able to eat many different types of foods without affecting my disease, i was doing quite well, then i stopped because i thought i was cured, so foolish. now, when i tried to only go back to psyllium, it only has bad effects, so i reasoned there was something about combining the two, it seems it was more the coconut oil that was responsible for keeping me stable. i believe now i have accumulated so many bad bacteria in my gut from my environment and this is why there are only negative effects from psyllium, the coconut oil may have been inhibiting these bad bacteria, so that only the good ones will have access to the psyllium/soluble fiber.

good bacteria create antibacterial substances called short chain fatty acids that lower intestinal ph to inhibit the growth of pathogens and encourage good bacteria dominance.

as you see, these are some pretty complicated relationships, but i may have figured some of them out, im in the process of reproducing the results i had in 2009, hopefully it will work.

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