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Undiagnosed and Miserable, My Story

Hello Crohn's Forum! It is so nice to know that there are so many people out there in the same boat as me, though I'd never wish this on anyone!

Here's my story, though I must start my story with my mom's history. My mom was diagnosed with Crohn's in December of 2009. She had emergency bowel resection surgery and lost 8 inches of her intestines and her appendix. She also had her gallbladder removed when I was just a little girl. After her surgery I spent a year helping her heal. In the beginning she couldn't even potty alone! (That is a huge responsibility for a 19 year old girl to take on alone, especially since I also was responsible for my younger sister. College was put on hold...) During that year my mom was in and out of the hospital every other week at times. It was horrendous. Well during her struggles, and my struggles with coping, we realized together that I was experiencing most if not all of the symptoms my mom had suffered from her whole life. This is where my story starts.... (Just so everyone knows she got pregnant a year after her surgery, had a healthy pregnancy, and has not been admitted to the hospital in over a year.)

For me, the big eye opener was my first hospital trip. It was Superbowl Sunday in February of 2009... I woke up feeling a little off, had a chocolate frosted donut and grape juice for breakfast and have never eaten that combo since. I had a vomiting fit which lasted 14 hours and by the time we went to the ER I was so dehydrated I have very little recollection of it. After that we went to my mom's gastro and after speaking with him he told me that it is very hard to diagnose and that considering my family history (3rd generation Crohn's sufferer) it would be likely. I found shortly after that my insurance was no longer valid and for the next year I dealt with my symptoms as best I could. During that year I had a second vomiting fit which only lasted 12 hours this time, but they had to give me double the dosage of zofran and a shot of some muscle relaxer to stop the vomiting, this was also my first time actually being admitted. Boy was I scared when I woke up in a hospital bed!

Since that time I have learned to better manage my lifestyle (I am a high stress personality), am attempting to treat my symptoms as best I can, and am making wiser food choices. I had my first appointment with a gastro last week and he ordered a whole slew of tests. Let's all pray I can get a diagnosis and treatment! For now, I'm back to my junior high weight and eat about a cookie in a day.
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Welcome to the forum!

That all sounds terrible. I'm sorry to hear you've had to deal with that (your mom's illness and your own).

Hoping you get your diagnosis soon and treatment goes well! Please keep us updated!
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Greetings and a most hearty welcome to you

Let's hope you don't have Crohn's but as you say, 3rd generation certainly makes it a decent chance

Have you tried drinking something like Ensure or Boost since you're having so much trouble with food?

Please keep us updated as to how you're doing and what your GI finds.

All my best to you!
It's good to be back
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I have tried Ensure and Boost, unfortunately the taste makes me nauseous. I have found that if I take a Zofran first thing in the morning it prevents the nausea and I have an easier time eating throughout the day. My Endoscopy/Colonoscopy are scheduled for November 30th. I'll let every one know how it goes!

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